Awesome God of Medicine Chapter 2445 – Novel Firan

Awesome God Of Medicine Chapter 2445 – Novel Firan

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Bab 2445

Lin Yurou said hurriedly, then handed the phone to Li Dong.

It turns out that Li Dong had already finished cutting the apple, he handed the apple to Lin Yurou and asked with a smile.

“Who’s calling?”

Just now, Li Dong was concentrating on peeling apples, and he accidentally overheard the phone’s microphone, so he didn’t know about the conversation between Lin Yurou and Shangguan Wan’er.

“Sister Wan’er called. He’s in big trouble, please answer the phone immediately.”

Lin Yurou eagerly took the apple.

Li Dong nodded and put the phone to his ear.

“I’m Li Dong!”

“Brother Xiaodong, this is Wan’er.”

“What happened?”

Li Dong heard that Shangguan Wan’er’s voice was inaccurate and immediately realized that something must have happened.

Otherwise, he would never mention himself abroad.

When he was in Korea, Shangguan Wan’er told Li Dong that he would fly to Southeast Asia to fight the Murong family. Could something be wrong?

This left Li Dong a little confused.

You know, the strength of the Shangguan family is beyond doubt.

Although they lost two great masters in Kyoto, their overall strength was still strong.

Li Dong knew even more that if Shangguan Wan’er didn’t have absolute trust, she wouldn’t be able to go to war with that Murong family.

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Since he chose to go to war, it meant that he was absolutely sure that he could defeat his opponent.

Kemudian, Shangguan Wan’er menceritakan situated in Xingzhou.

He didn’t hide anything, he told the whole story clearly.

After listening, Li Dong’s eyes suddenly narrowed a little.

“Skynet involved?”

I must say that this news really shocked Li Dong, even a little surprised.

“OK I understand.”

Li Dong said in a deep voice,

“Hide you there first. Protecting your personal safety is of the utmost importance. As for whether I can help, I’ll give you an answer later.”

To Li Dong’s reply, Shangguan Wan’er was not at all disappointed but a little shocked in her heart.

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