ATM card processing failure, unread, rejected by machine

Atm Card Processing Failure, Unread, Rejected By Machine
Atm Card Failed To Process, Machine Refused, Atm Chip Not Detected

I’ve had problems with ATM cards not being able to carry out transactions, not being read by the machine and always being rejected before entering the PIN so the process never happens at a time like this.

In addition to not being able to use the card, some of the most common problems with ATM transactions include forgetting the ATM PIN, even money not coming out when making a withdrawal transaction even though the balance has been deducted, and other technical issues .

Debit card rejected by machine is an indication that the transaction failed with a statement that your card cannot be processed (the ATM cannot be used).

The meaning of the error code on the ATM machine (displayed on the monitor screen)

Bri Atm Card Disabled


#1 For BRI ATMs (all types of savings)

(I). Error code 34 host and error host 34 is that your ATM card has expired. Please make changes by bringing an account book, ATM card and ID card.

(ii). Error host code 70 This means that you are advised to change your ATM card PIN. Please change your ATM PIN via ATM or BRI EDC bank, it is recommended that the ATM PIN is easy to remember but not your date of birth or easy to guess by others.

(iii). Error host code 97 This means that the ATM BRI being used is having problems. Please make transactions at other BRI ATMs, ATM Link is recommended.

If BRI ATM is offline, Error, money does not come out. Note the atm terminal id to the left of the PIN button. Then confirm with Bank BRI via @contact BRI – Twitter, call BRI 14017/1500017 or visit the nearest BRI Bank office directly.

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#2 For Mandiri ATM, (message is displayed on screen)

Mandiri Atm Card Cannot Be Used


(I). Transaction cannot be processed

There are 3 possibilities if there is a message on the screen like this:

  • Standalone ATM machine with network issues
  • The magnetic stripe or black tape on the ATM card is peeling or damaged
  • Mandiri ATM card validity period has expired


Try checking balances through other machines, at least up to 3 types of machines, both within banks and other networks. If it still cannot be used, the customer should immediately contact the relevant bank to have the new card printed.

(ii). ATM cannot be used

Usually the cause of this type of error is because the account balance is below the minimum balance, so the ATM is automatically blocked by the system, in order to be able to use it again, you must immediately go to the Banco Mandiri branch during the office hours. .

(iii). data not found

For this type of notice, there are 2 possibilities that can be analyzed, namely the ATM network is experiencing an interruption so it is not connected to the bank’s server and the second possibility is that your account data has been blocked by the bank.

(4). automatic exit card

The cause of this problem is that the Mandiri ATM card PIN was blocked, either because he entered a PIN incorrectly or because of bank policy in an effort to avoid suspicious transactions.

The solution is to contact the bank directly, bringing a passbook according to the customer’s original identity.

In general, the causes of illegible ATM cards and unable to carry out transactions refer to several factors, namely:

  • The black magnetic stripe on the ATM is damaged or scratched (scratched)
  • ATM card validity period has expired
  • ATM blocked caused by PIN error 3 times
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Well, if you have a problem like this, the way to solve it is to go directly to the Customer Service of the bank during the week, bringing your KTP ID card or SIM or Passport, your damaged passbook and ATM card.

There is a tip that should be tried if your card is rejected at a machine, you should also try it first at another machine, it can be at a partner bank, or on the LINK, Cirrus, Prima, Visa and Bersama ATM networks.

Sometimes certain ATM machines are too sensitive and sensitive to the material (dirt) attached to the debit card that the machine cannot detect it properly.

There are also those that are very sensitive to chip scratches and magnetic cards, so even a slight scratch will affect the performance of the card’s sensor.

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Tips for storing ATM cards so they don’t get damaged quickly

We recommend that, before getting into trouble like the ones above, you always try to keep your ATM card clean, not putting it in your wallet or purse.

Here are some tips so your ATM card doesn’t get damaged quickly:

  1. When you receive the card, it is usually in very good condition and covered with plastic. Well, try not to throw away the plastic because the goal is for your card to always be clean and good and not get scratched easily.
  2. However, if the plastic covering the ATM card is damaged, you can replace it with a sheet of paper the width of both sides of the ATM. This paper is intended to protect magnetic barcodes or card chips to prevent dust and moisture from the wallet. Or if it’s not paper, you can use plastic again as a protector.
  3. Try not to stack it together with the barcode section facing each other between an ATM and another card. Because if you do, the magnet in the barcode will be damaged quickly.
  4. To avoid a faulty or broken ATM card, try not to tuck your wallet into your tight back pocket. Just put the wallet in the front pocket or you can put it in the bag, of course it will be safer.
  5. The last tip is to bring your ATM card when you feel the need to avoid loss or damage and put it in a wallet that has a non-rigid base material.
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These were some tips to prevent ATM card damage so that it is properly maintained so that you do not experience a failed transaction process or your ATM card being rejected by the machine when you are in desperate need of cash.

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