Application To Get Free FF Diamonds 10000 Apk

Application To Get Free Ff Diamonds 10000 Apk
Diamond Ff 10000 Free Apk

free diamond ff apk 10000 will be discussed in detail at this meeting. So for those who want to get free fire diamond for free, download the latest version of Diamond FF 10,000 apk app here.

Already familiar with this game. Battle royal themed games are still a favorite game, especially among boys in particular. For those who like to call themselves tough males, this game is really suitable as an outlet to practice your concentration.

In this game you will find approximately 50 players on a very wide map. Instead of falling in love in the real world, you can vent your anger or practice your martial arts techniques in this game.

In free fire games arena you are assigned to kill your opponents and if you manage to survive then you will be the winner. The game released in 2017 is not much different from other battle royal-themed games like PUBG or Mobile Legend.

How to earn Free Fire Diamonds

If you have entered the game’s arena, the chances of survival are very small, for this you must have a weapon or other protector that can help you fight your enemies.

To get all the necessary items, of course, is not as easy as “ferguzo” imagined, you have to collect diamonds to exchange for all the items you need, as all available items are not free.

Well, to collect these diamonds, of course you have to work hard or you can buy diamonds with real money, but for those who have no income, Mimin will give you a leak, how do you get 10000 free fire diamonds for free?

Newest free app 10000 Diamond FF 2021

There are currently 2 ways that can be used to get free diamonds for ff 10000 friends apk, so you don’t have to wait long for your diamonds to be collected. Curious to know what the app is? Read this article until the end.

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1. Diamond Pang APK

One app that can help you to quickly collect coins in free fire games is Diamond Pang app. With this app you can exchange the points that have been collected to get free fire diamonds. You can download the Diamond Pang app through the Play Store. However, before downloading the app, it is a good idea to know the detailed information about the app below.

Application Name Guide Earn Diamond Pang FF
Version Latest 2021
Size 3.32 MB
offered Made by app builder
Price Free

To learn how to get points that can be exchanged for diamonds, you can follow these steps.

  1. Open Diamond FF Free 10000 Apk application which is already installed on your device.
  2. Then you can login using your google account by pressing “sign up with google account”
  3. After successfully logging in, you will receive the first 10 points
  4. Then, for additional points, you can click on the three lines icon in the upper left corner.
  5. Then click on “Random Code”
  6. You can enter the code of a friend who invited you for the mission given to you to be unlocked
  7. So you only follow the missions that are ordered
  8. Also, you can invite your friends by sharing the code you received on your social networks.
  9. That way your points will increase and you can exchange them for free fire diamonds.
  10. To exchange the points you have for diamonds, you click on the “buy” menu
  11. Then there will be the number of diamonds you want according to the minimum number of points you have, just click on the number of diamonds you want to exchange and enter your account ID.

If you use this app as an alternative way to exchange diamonds, in fact you can not only exchange diamonds for free fire games, but in this application you can exchange the points you have for diamonds for mobile legends games, call duty and PUBG.

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Eits, don’t close this article first, gang, mimin wants to give you an app that really works to help you get 1000 free fire diamonds for free. Turns out it’s not just the Diamond Pang app, mimin even has one more app that you can easily download. Let’s go straight to the discussion below.

2. ClipClaps Apk Application

Still not familiar with the name of this app? Or do you already know it but don’t understand how to use it? Calm down guys, this time the admin will share a tutorial on how to get 1000 free fire diamonds for free using the ClipClaps application. However, before that, you can first see detailed information about this app.

Application Name ClipClaps-Reward for Laughs
Version 2.2.1
Size 26.88MB
offered Grand Channel Entertainment Limited
Price Free

You can download this app from Google Playstore for free. By using this app you can get coins, so the coins you collect can be exchanged for dollars, then you can buy diamonds free fire using the dollars you have.

  1. Open ClipClaps Diamond FF Free 10000 Apk application you have installed
  2. Then click “Me” menu to login, you can login using your Google account
  3. If you have successfully registered your account, you can return to the home screen by clicking on the “video” menu.
  4. Then, to get coins, you must complete existing missions by clicking on the “reward” menu
  5. Click on the “redeem” menu in the upper right corner
  6. Then enter your friend’s invite code, its use is for you to get the first two dollar balance
  7. If there is no friend invite code, you can get coins just by watching the videos in this app.
  8. When watching a video, wait about a minute for the duration of the video you are watching to run out.
  9. Make sure the yellow line, when watching the video, the yellow line must be full, so you will automatically get additional points.
  10. If the yellow arrow is fully filled, you will receive a treasure box or chest, to open it, click on the “gift” menu
  11. Then just open the chest, and you will see the number of points you earn
  12. Then automatically the points in your account will increase, to exchange them for dollars, just click on your currency.
  13. Then click “Exchange Money” > “Exchange” and automatically the dollars you have will increase and your coins will decrease
  14. Then, to buy diamonds with the dollars you have, you click on the dollar value
  15. Then you will enter the “Wallet” view, there is a dollar exchange type for PayPal balance form
  16. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can exchange the dollars you receive in the form of mobile credit
  17. Change your credit to coda shop or unipin.
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As an additional information, folks, if you exchange the dollars you have from this app to your PayPal account, you can withdraw the money in cash, folks. It’s really good guys, just by watching the video and doing the quest you can get millions of rupees.

Okay folks,, I think that’s enough for this article to end. Stay tuned for more up-to-date information about the games that are hot right now. Well, for those who want to get Diamond FF Free 10000 Apk, you can try these two apps. Hope this article is useful to you and good luck.

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