Apple App Store solves dating app problems, says Dutch regulator

Apple App Store Solves Dating App Problems, Says Dutch Regulator

The Dutch consumer protection regulator alleges Apple “changed its unfair terms” by ending a dispute after penalizing the tech company €50 million ($53 million) in weekly fines.

Apple App Store Solves Dating App Problems, Says Dutch Regulator

Cagan Koc and April Roach for Bloomberg News:

“With this concession, Apple will comply with the requirements that the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets has established under European and Dutch competition rules,” ACM said in a statement on Saturday.

In response to a request for comment from Bloomberg News, Apple said it does not believe some of the changes are in the best interest of its users’ privacy or data security. As Apple is committed to constructive engagement with regulators, it is making the additional changes at the ACM’s request, the company said in an email, adding that, as stated earlier, Apple disagrees with the original ACM order and is appealing.

The Cupertino, California-based company has filed a proposal to fully comply with an order to offer off-app store payments to dating app providers after being fined.

MacDailyNews Take: Previously, if a developer wanted to include non-Apple payment methods in their app, they would have to create and submit a new app. There’s nothing “heavy” or “non-compatible” about Apple’s initial changes to the App Store in the Netherlands, as the ACM claims. There is no word on exactly what has changed or whether Apple will pay all, part or none of the $53 million in accrued fines.

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