Appearing in court, Siti Bainun cried to see Bella

Appearing In Court, Siti Bainun Cried To See Bella

The presence of Bella’s son with down syndrome in court for the trial of the Rumah Bonda abuse case would have caused the prime suspect in the case, Siti Bainun, to cry.

The founder of Rumah Bonda was seen behaving like this when three witnesses made the identification of several individuals, including Bella’s sister, Harian Metro reported.

Despite not being face to face, Siti Bainun was unable to contain her feelings after seeing Bella and five other individuals in her care taken to court earlier.

Siti Bainun was also seen waving her hand several times to meleka.

Previously, the lawyer representing Siti Bainun, Nur A’minahtul Mardia, requested that her client meet with the individual involved to see his reaction.

However, for Deputy Attorney General Nor Azizah Mohamad informed that it is necessary to protect witnesses from being influenced by what they see and hear in court.

Judge Izralizam Sanusi, on the other hand, said that this was an identification process and there was no problem to see the reaction, as it was to know if the person referred to was the person mentioned by the witness in the trial.

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