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Apotheosis Chapter 934 Indonesian – Immaku.com

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Apotheosis is one of the Chinese manhua series that was launched and premiered in 2017 by Bai Lian Cheng Shen, which was produced by Ranzai Studio and is still ongoing or the plot is still running.

For those of you who like Chinese comic series, you absolutely know how far this story goes, and this project is to offer you the latest update to read Apotheosis manga with the latest and fastest news.

Apotheosis begins with the story of Luo Zheng, the first son of the Luo family who lost everything after his father died.Ione. His uncle’s family assumed his status and position as the main Luo family. Interim ad Luo Zheng was arrested and targeted for martial arts training for his own family clan.

For two whole years, Luo Zheng was beaten, but he persevered. He didn’t even care if he was considered a slave and made a training target.

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Luo Zheng hid an old book left by his father and tried to be strong. But, unfortunately, his efforts in vain. Angered, he burned the book. But unexpectedly, luo Zheng actually received tremendous power from the ancient book.

His world changes when his cousin tells him that Luo Yan, his younger brother, was punished for Qing Yun circulation and exiled to Purgatory Mountain to reflect on the mistake he made.


Upon hearing the news, Luo Zheng was determined to leave the Luo Clan and seek out the one person he cared about most. This is where Luo Zheng’s journey to find his sister (Keepoome) begins.

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