Antares WeTV & Telegram, here is a synopsis and watch the link

Antares Wetv &Amp; Telegram, Here Is A Synopsis And Watch The Link

Entertainment Antares we TV and Telegram This is a trend among teenagers. You can use the series or show as a friend to spend your free time or take a break.

This movie series stars several handsome teen actors who are also idols among teens. Some of them are Angga Yunkalian, Beby Tsabita and others.

Synopsis Film Antares 2021

Antares We Tv And Telegram

This series project, starring Angga Yunkalian, is a film form of Rweinda’s Wattpad novel. The story concept is also light, namely the high school kids love story between Antares and Zea.

Antares is said to have the nickname Ares who is the leader of the Calderioz motorcycle gang. Meanwhile, Zea is a beautiful transfer student from Derlangga High School.

On Antares we TV & Telegram, the two become friends and are on a mission together. Of course, during the mission process, the seeds of love grew between the two. Just like the love in high school that was really cute.

When is show time?

Antares We Tv And Telegram

Antares has been live since July 20, 2021 yesterday. Every week it releases 2 new episodes so viewers don’t have to wait too long.

If you want to watch it live, wait Thursday and Friday at 6pm so you don’t miss all the exciting episodes.

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How to watch Antares on WeTV and Telegram

You can watch this exciting Antares series streaming like any other series. You can use We TV or Telegram platforms. To support the work of the nation’s children like this, it would be good to use We TV.

Here is a link to watch Antares that you can easily access.

Us TV: httpsL//


After meeting Antares we TV & Telegram, it will be even more exciting if we talk about unique facts. Here are some unique facts about the Antares romance that you might know.

It’s the work of high school kids

Did you know that Antares is a novel made by high school students. At the time of the making process, the writer Reinda was 16 years old. He attended Penbur Harapan Indah Christian High School, Bekasi, West Java.

Since its creation and release on Wattpad, this novel has been read 38 million times by its fans. Wattpad itself is an app where you, as a user, can create and read the stories you want.

In physical form, this novel has a thickness of 416 pages and was released by Loveable publisher at a price of around Rp. 79,600. While the webseries itself is a film project run by MD Entertainment.

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Performed by Young Idols

As stated earlier, Antares we TV & Telegram stars several young artists who are teen idols. The main characters are Angga Yunanda and Beby Tsabina, there are also several other players who also have a lot of fans.

Beby Tsabina said she experienced challenges playing the role of Zea, the female lead. He said that Zea is a person who hates Ares (Angga Yunanda), the cause of his brother’s coma.

This Antares us TV & Telegram will surely be liked by teenagers because the plot is light and also like a teenager’s dream. So don’t be surprised if, since the announcement will be made in series, many people are very excited.

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So about Antares and the link to watch it, you can also discover several interesting facts about the internet world through the ICINC.ID website. You can also find various smartphone apps that are fun or to fill your spare time.

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