Announces Heize’s Return, PSY Looks Funny Like Young Hee ‘Squid Game’

Announces Heize’s Return, Psy Looks Funny Like Young Hee ‘Squid Game’

P NATION agency CEO and founder PSY recently announced that his artist will make a comeback and introduce fans to new work.

Through various official social media from her agency, P NATION, PSY on June 18, 2022 released the latest teaser photo showing herself in a costume as a viral robot from the Netflix series Squid Game, Young Hee.

Showing a surprised face, PSY ‘Young Hee’ announced that Heize would be making a comeback with a new song on June 30, 2022, released at 6 pm KST, and featured Heize’s face in the teaser.

Heize himself last released a song titled “Mother” in March 2022, just 3 months away from the last song whose title has not been announced.

Are you also looking forward to Heize’s comeback with the new song? (

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