Android 13 will be able to read files larger than 4 GB natively thanks to exFAT – Tecnoblog

Android 13 Will Be Able To Read Files Larger Than 4 Gb Natively Thanks To Exfat – Tecnoblog

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line cell phones pixelfrom Google, with Android 13 installed will support the exFAT format, which allows opening files larger than 4 GB on internal and external storage, such as USB sticks. The novelty — which is already available on the Pixel 6 Pro — should reach other smartphone models made by the search giant soon.

Android 13 Tiramisu (Image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)
Android 13 Tiramisu (image: Guilherme Reis/Tecnoblog)

Mishaal Rahmanblog technical editor waitdiscovered that the Pixel 6 Pro received support for the Extensible File Allocation Table (exFAT) format, after being updated from Android 12L to Android 13 Beta. In tests, he plugged a newly formatted exFAT USB stick into Google’s phone, but was only able to access the data on the removable disk after installing the update.

romance, however, found no significant changes in the system that ensured support for the exFAT format. In a publication in waithe explained that Android 13 Beta was based on the same version of the Linux kernel as Android 12L (5.10) — which theoretically accepts exFAT formatting.

In other words, exFAT support could exist since Android 12. However, for some unknown reason, Google decided to release the feature only on the new operating system.

exFAT support already exists on some Android phones

Created in 2006 by Microsoft to replace the FAT32 format, exFAT is capable of storing files up to 16 exabytes. In comparison, the previous standard was limited to just 4GB. Since its launch, millions of storage devices have joined the system, including USB sticks and SD cards.

Even, with the exception of Google, some Android phone manufacturers, such as Samsung, already adopted the exFAT format on your devices for years. This was only possible because companies paid Microsoft a license to implement the necessary drivers on their devices. In 2019, exFAT became free.

With the arrival of exFAT on Android 13, any cell phone manufacturer that uses the Google operating system will be able to adopt the standard on their devices. Thus, smartphones will be able to open files larger than 4 GB stored on USB sticks or SD cards without any problems.

With information: Android Police.

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