“Alolo sweetnya, boyfriend mama world and akh1rat..” – Netizen

“Alolo Sweetnya, Boyfriend Mama World And Akh1Rat..” – Netizen

Video of Siti Nordiana’s behavior with her youngest son, Rayyan Nakhaie, catches the attention of fans. Sweetnya Anak Dengan Ibu Ni, Makan Bersuap-Suap Lagi. Rayyan Sebijik Arw4h Faizal !!

Despite being a single mother for a long time, singer Siti Nordiana is still happy with her life with her only child, Rayyan Nakhaie. If in the past Rayyan was still a child, now Rayyan has become a teenager and is taller than his mother.

Looking at Siti Nordiana’s Instagram account, a video was shared showing Nana and Rayyan going out to eat at one of the restaurants in the state of Malacca. Nana, who loves to have fun with Rayyan, put her arms around her son as she walked.

Ordering various types of food, Rayyan and Nana seemed to have an appetite for the food being served. They feed each other, the behavior of the child and the mother seems so sweet in the eyes of fans.

&Quot;Alolo Sweetnya, Boyfriend Mama World And Akh1Rat..&Quot; - Netizen

Rayyan, who wears glasses, is often told by fans that his face is similar to his father Faizal’s arw4h. They don’t tump4h each other and their walking style also looks the same. There are also fans who say it’s like seeing Nana affair with arw4h anyway.

Let’s watch the video below:

post has already reached more than 31 thousand he likes of the fans. Among the fan comments:

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“Remember arw4h your father as much. If Rayyan bu4ng that specification, very good. Very interested in acting first arw4h. Alfatihah to arw4h Faizal..”

“C0py paste arw4hlah Rayyan, it’s very similar, the walking style is the same. May you always be happy Rayyan and Mama..”

“Alolo sweetnya, boyfriends mommy world and akh1rat. I hope Nana and Rayyan are always happy..”

“Like watching Siti Nordiana and arw4h Faizal dating. C0py necklace right la Rayyan ni with her dad..”

“Beautiful last part, Rayyan is good at smiling. But you can see that shy face again haha..”

“Sweetnya maker with Rayyan. Beautiful smile je Rayyan. Anak soleh nana, may the world beyond be happy for you both..”

“Rayyan, your face is very, very similar to your father’s arw4h. He has the same way. Dating the heir..”

“Nana’s kids grew up as older sisters and brothers. Happy to see these two beran4k..”

&Quot;Alolo Sweetnya, Boyfriend Mama World And Akh1Rat..&Quot; - Netizen

Sus4h and easy to live with, only Rayyan understands this mom better. May Nana and Rayyan always be happy, blessed with lasting sustenance and success in whatever fields they venture into.

&Quot;Alolo Sweetnya, Boyfriend Mama World And Akh1Rat..&Quot; - Netizen

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Source: IG Siti Nordiana

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