Alien world present on Earth, see photos

Alien World Present On Earth, See Photos

An island in the Indian Ocean, northeast of South Africa, is no less than any alien world on this earth. The country of Yemen rules this island. It is situated between the Arabian Sea and the Guardafui Channel. the name of this island is Socotra. Looking at the trees and plants on the island, it looks like there is a fictional world shown in a Hollywood movie.

Island In Socotra
island in Socotra

There are four islands in the Socotra archipelago. Socotra, Abd Al Kuri, Samhah and Darsah. The area of ​​Socotra Island is 3796 square kilometers. It is about 132 km long and 50 km wide. The highest mountain here is Mashanig. Whose height is 4931 feet? Its capital is Hadibu.

Population Of Socotra Island
Population of Socotra Island

In all, 60,000 people live on the four islands, including Socotra. Only 11.3 people live in every square kilometer. That is, the population of people is smaller according to the area. In 2008, the island of Socotra was recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Because the trees and plants here make it an alien world. Most of the Sokotri people live here. But the population of the southern Arab people is also doing well.

The Island Of Socotra Is In Which Country?
The island of Socotra is in which country?

The island of Socotra is one of the few people on earth. It was formerly part of the Gondwana continent. Gradually separating from Africa, stopped after going a little far. In addition to the four islands, there are two small rocky islands, which are not inhabited by humans, but seabirds.

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Socotra Island Weather
Socotra Island weather

There are three types of land here – a first coastal plain, a second limestone plateau, and a third Hazhir Mountain. The height of the mountains is 4931 feet. Most of the temperature here remains warm. The climate is desert. The average temperature of the year is 25°C. There is less rain in the year. But whenever that happens, it spreads. Here the monsoon comes from the northeast. The rainy month is from October to December. Maximum rainfall is 31.50 inches per year.

Socotra Island Dragon Blood Tree
Socotra Island Dragon Blood Tree

Sailors who left Gujarat earlier still call it Socotra Sikotro Singh, meaning Lion of Socotra. This is because he constantly collides with the lion with the strong waves of the sea. Despite being located near the Arabian Sea and having a warm climate, this island is called a stronghold of biodiversity. It was visited by a biologist from the United Nations in 1990. So that the study of trees and plants can be done here. Here trees and plants are the main attraction. They surprise.

Socotra Island Trees
Socotra Island trees

There are over 700 species of plants on the island of Socotra that are found nowhere else. Such a strange sight is seen around New Zealand, Hawaii and New Caledonia. But very little. Due to excessive heat and drought, the trees and plants here took on a different shape. It looks like there are plants and trees brought in from some alien world. The Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh conducted a survey; so it turned out that of the 825 species of plants on this island, 307 are found only here.

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Socotra Island Dragon
Socotra Island Dragon

The IUCN Red List also examined the flowers and plants of Socotra Island. It has been found that there are three plants here that are on the verge of severe extinction. At the same time, 27 plant species could be extinct. The most amazing plant on this island is the Dragon Blood Tree. This umbrella-shaped tree surprises the whole world. A red colored liquid emerges from it, which people used to dye before. It is now used for painting and varnishing.

Animals Of The Island Of Socotra
Animals of the Island of Socotra

Other trees on Socotra island that surprise us are- Giant Succulent Tree, Cucumber, Rare Socotra Pineapple, Aloe Peri etc. Not only that, there are such animals on this island, which are found only on this one. Birds like Socotra Starling, Socotra Sunbird, Socotra Bunting, Socotra Cysticola, Socotra Sparrow, Socotra Golden Winged Grosbeak. One mammal species and six bird species are found locally here.

Socotra Island Tourism
Socotra Island Tourism

There are 31 species of reptiles, namely lizards and snakes, on the island of Socotra. All these species are local. Here is found a lizard, which has no legs. The Blue Baboon Tarantula Spider is found here. There are three species of clear water crabs. Humans have lived on this island for 2000 years.

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