Album Duplicates Full iPhone? Here’s How to Delete Using iOS 16

Album Duplicates Full Iphone?  Here’s How To Delete Using Ios 16, Jakarta – Album Duplicates iPhone is present in iOS 16 photo app. Interestingly, there is a special tool in iOS 16 to delete copies of photos in albums safely.

The iPhone Duplicates album contains duplicate photos that you may accidentally add. Thanks to iOS 16, you can find all the duplicate photos on your iPhone.

Before knowing how to delete using special tools in iOS 16, Telset will tell you how to view duplicate photos on iPhone. Here’s how.

How to view duplicate photos on iPhone:

  • Open Photos on iOS 16
  • Touch Album
  • scroll down to duplicates
  • Tap to open it

iPhone Duplicates Album Position is Below Utilities. the album is after importsbefore Hidden and recently deleted. Login and see all duplicate photos.

There is a total at the bottom of the screen, there is also a separate count of each duplicate photo. If there are two identical images, Apple captions them as 2 Duplicates.

It also displays miniature small so you can tap to see it. Please check that there are no errors.


What to do with your duplicate photos?

You can leave it if your device is not running out of space. On the other hand, if you choose to discard some, tap the button Select at the top right corner.

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Then tap on each set of duplicates, selecting as you would any photo in any album. When selecting multiple, the bottom line of the screen will change.

Change to Merge 2 duplicates, Merge 5 duplicates, etc. When ready to delete, tap on the text at the bottom. And, the duplicate is gone.

How to remove all duplicates at once

  • In the album duplicatestap the button Select
  • tap the button Select all which appears in the upper left corner
  • Finally, tap on the text merge duplicates at the bottom of the screen

What happened next?

If in doubt about your decision, you have about a month to review it.

open album recently deleted. In iOS 16, sign in with the Face ID feature.

It will take a while to get in there. When finished, all the photos you just deleted will appear. You have 29 days to consider recovery. [SN/HBS]

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