Akatsuki Menace Apk Mod, Naruto Senki Terbaru 2022

Akatsuki Menace Apk Mod, Naruto Senki Terbaru 2022
Akatsuki Menace Apk Mod

poskabarmedia. with – On this occasion, Poskabarmedia would like to discuss Akatsuki Menace Apk Mod. If you are interested in the game, you can download the game from the following article.

Lately, Akatsuki is being talked about a lot by netizens on the internet. Akatsuki itself is a highly feared group in the Naruto & Naruto Shippuden anime series.

The popularity of the Akatsuki group has caused many people to look for new things related to Akatsuki. For example, playing an Akatsuki themed game complete with all its members. Like the game Naruto Senki Akatsuki Menace.

The game is a modification of Naruto Senki that was developed into a full Akatsuki character. Sounds interesting right? If you want to know more information, see the following discussion.

About the game Akatsuki Menace APK

Akatsuki Menace apk is a modified version of the Naruto SENKI game. The game takes the genre of 3vs3 team battles against AI or computers.

The team you command will contain 3 selected characters. Well, in the Akatsuk Menace version, you can choose 3 Akatsuki characters of your choice to enter the battle.

Whereas in the original version of Naruto Senki, you can’t get Akatsuki characters easily. Because there is a mission and a challenge that must be completed to unlock the character.

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Akatsuki Menace Apk Mod, Naruto Senki Terbaru 2022

Akatsuki Menace Apk Mod

As? Are you interested in Akatsuki Menace APK game? If so, in this article the admin has provided a download link for the game.

You can download this Akatsuki Menace APK with a size of 20mb. Very light isn’t it? Also, you can get all Akatsuki group characters for free and easily.

Instead of being curious, try the game by downloading the Akatsuki Menace APK via the following link.

Download Naruto Senki Mod Akatsuki

Well, that’s the download link for Akatsuki Menace apk game. You can download the game for free on the smartphone you are using.

After downloading it, Naruto Senki MOD Apk You can install Akatsuki right away. Then you can immediately play the game offline complete with Akatsuki characters.


This is the admin information about Download APK of Akatsuki Threat. Hope this is helpful and thanks for visiting Poskabaremedia.com.

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