Agricultural business opportunities you can try in the village

Agricultural Business Opportunities You Can Try In The Village

Promosikartukredit. with- Agricultural business opportunities you can try in the village. Indonesia is known as an agrarian country where many people work in agriculture or agriculture.

Agricultural products in this country are quite plentiful, from rice, corn to various vegetables and fruits. Not only that, Indonesia is also known for having fertile soil. Especially with the tropical climate and strategic location of the country, making agriculture business in this country very promising.

In addition to being a farmer and cultivating to create basic needs like rice or corn. In the modern era like today, there are various types of agricultural business opportunities that are quite promising. What is this business opportunity? Here are 5 examples of what you can do.

1. Sale of plant seeds

Selling seeds or plant seeds is not easy. Especially if you are the first person to enter the agricultural business world. But it doesn’t hurt to try to learn. You can learn things about higher plant seeds from various pieces of advice.

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Department of Agriculture in your neighborhood. It can also be through social media like YouTube or using the Google search engine to dig deep into your knowledge of Plant Seeds.

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2. Sale of Agricultural Equipment and Supplies

Along with the times, agriculture also progressed. If in the past people plowed the fields just using the power of cows or buffaloes, now there are tractors that can finish plowing the fields easily and quickly.

There is another machine that separates rice and straw that makes the work of modern farmers easier as it is today and there are many more modern tools that can support the performance of other farmers so that it is easier for farmers to manage their farms.

3. Organic Vegetable Agriculture

The next agricultural business opportunity is organic horticulture. Over time, people began to realize that health in the body is important. Therefore, they need good, healthy nutrition.

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One of them can be obtained through the consumption of organic vegetables. Because they are grown without injecting chemicals like peptides, organic vegetables tend to be a little more expensive than non-organic vegetables sold on the market.

4. Ornamental plants

Do you remember that a few years ago ornamental plants like Love Wave had a boom, and even had a bombastic price tag? Well, an agricultural business opportunity that you can take advantage of next is the cultivation of ornamental plants.

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Not only is the Love Wave a type of ornamental plant that exists, there are many other types and of course each one has a place in the hearts of lovers, such as orchids and bonsai or others.

In addition to being suitable for decoration at home or in the office, ornamental plants such as love waves or orchids also require special care, you know! Alias ​​how to take care of it is very easy and of course you can do it too.

5. Online farm shop

Advances in technology should make it easier for us to do anything. No exception to starting a business. Using an internet connection and supporting gadgets, you can open an online store, whether through blogs, marketplaces or social networking sites.

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This agricultural business opportunity tends to be easier and cheaper. Because, you don’t need to rent a place like making a physical farm shop or kiosk. You just need to be consistent and active in your promotion so that internet users are aware of the products you are selling.

the final word

Therefore, the information that we can present about Agricultural business opportunities you can try in the village. I hope that with our discussion above it can be useful for all of you.

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