Agnipath Scheme: The answer to all your questions about Agniveer Yojana is here

Agnipath Scheme: The Answer To All Your Questions About Agniveer Yojana Is Here

Many questions are emerging since the announcement of the ‘Agneepath’ army recruitment scheme. Young people are expressing doubts about their future. At the same time, retired army officers are concerned that the new plan will have a negative effect on the army’s capability. Poonam Pandey discovered the answers to some of these questions by talking to army officers.

Agniveer Yojna 2022

Question Agniveer All India, All Regimentation System will come to an end as the army rushes in Naam, Namak, Nishan. Will love end?
Reply Deputy Army Chief of Staff Lt Gen B. s. Raju said that regimentation doesn’t just mean people coming from a community. It means living together, eating together, sitting together, training together, fighting together. Even now, that attachment will remain in them. He will be with him for three and a half years and the 25% that are permanent will remain in the battalion. Even now, 75% of army units are All India All Classes. Fighting Formation has some fixed classes. If we look at Rashtriya Rifles, let’s see the different rediffs they are working on together in missions. they

Question LoC and now even in LAC. When and how many people will be recruited at Agneepath?
Reply Army Recruitment in 90 days

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Question The 21 year limit on recruitment is for general service only, what is the age for clerk/merchant?
Reply The army has made it clear that all conscription will only be under the command of Agneepath. The age limit for all positions is between 17 and a half and 21 years old.

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Agnipath 2022 Schema

Question 20 years of success came in December 2019, physical, medical it all happened, what will happen now?
Reply All old processes will not proceed. All recruitment will be done under Agneepath and nothing will happen to him for 90 days.

Question Will there be the examination of the army, whose medical, physical was done earlier?
Reply You will have to reapply the Agneepath schema itself.

Question Agniveer will be recruited into the army every year, only 25% will be permanent, so will the time come when there will be more Agniveers in the army and fewer permanent soldiers?
Reply Deputy Army Chief of Staff Lieutenant General BS Raju said that in the army only 50% will be Agniveer. Agniveer and Permanent

Question Agniveer will be out of the army after four years, what will he do after that, won’t he go the wrong way?
Reply 25% of Agniveer will get a permanent job in the Army, while 75% will be left out. The Interior Ministry announced that priority will be given to those outside the Central Paramilitary Forces and Assam Marines. The UP, MP, Haryana and Uttarakhand governments also spoke of prioritizing these firefighters in recruiting the state police. After four years, he will also have a bank balance of Rs 11.7 lakh. They can also use it to make their job/business even more so.

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