AGN suspends Moses Armstrong for allegedly raping minor

Agn Suspends Moses Armstrong For Allegedly Raping Minor

The Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) has suspended Moses Armstrong for allegedly raping a minor.

The suspension was contained in a letter signed by Monalisa Chinda, communications director for AGN, on Saturday.

According to the statement, association president Emeka Rollas said the indefinite suspension became necessary following an association investigation into the rape allegation.

“Actor Moses Armstrong has been placed on indefinite suspension by the Nigeria Actors Guild National Executive Committee for his arrest by police on the grounds of raping a minor,” the statement read.

“In a suspension letter signed by National President Ejezie Emeka Rollas, Armstrong’s suspension was based on facts emanating from the preliminary investigations conducted by the Guild into the allegation.

“The Actors Guild of Nigeria has been at the forefront of defending against the rape of women such as rape, sexual abuse and all forms of abuse, therefore the allegation against Moses Armstrong is capable of tarnishing the good image and reputation of our noble Guild. if urgent action is not taken in accordance with the Constitutional provisions of the Guild.

“National President Ejezie Emeka Rollas said it is a sad development, but no one is above the law, especially in rape and abuse of women.

“While it is our duty to protect our members when it comes to serious allegations, the law will have to run its course,” concluded the National President.

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“While suspended, the actor is not expected to participate in any film production or Guild activities.

“In addition, the National/State Chapter Task Forces were mandated to monitor all film locations and production sets in the country, as violation of suspension rules may lead to other strict disciplinary measures as stipulated by the AGN constitution. .”

The suspension comes a few hours after Amstrong was indicted before a magistrates’ court in Akwa Ibom on rape and life-threatening charges.

The actor was arrested a few days ago. He also allegedly committed the act with a 16-year-old girl about three years ago.

The alleged victim, who was said to have studied outside Nigeria, recently returned to the country and thereafter petitioned the wife of the state governor regarding the rape allegation.

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