Against complicated! This is How to connect a laptop to a TV

Against Complicated!  This Is How To Connect A Laptop To A Tv

There are many ways to spend a weekend vacation, one of which is watching. Even if you just sit and enjoy watching a movie, watching it can refresh your thoughts after a busy day at work.

You don’t have to go all the way to the cinema, now you can comfortably watch at home too. In addition to not having to spend money, you are free to watch any type of movie with unlimited duration.

Just watching movies on a laptop that is small in size sometimes makes you less satisfied. Due to the limited screen, people often feel uncomfortable when watching at home.

The solution is to be able to connect your laptop to a larger screen TV for a more exciting viewing experience.

Although not as big as in a movie theater, you can at least watch movie scenes more freely on television than on a laptop. How to connect a laptop to a TV is also quite easy with several options.

Connect the notebook to a TV with HDMI and VGA cables

Connect The Laptop To The Tv With Hdmi And Vga Cables

The most common and easy way to connect your laptop to a TV is to use an HDMI cable. This cable is very often used to connect laptops to various other devices that support similar ports such as TVs and projectors. Yes, almost all LED TVs today have an HDMI feature that makes connection easier.

To connect these two devices, you need to connect the HDMI cable to the back of the TV and laptop. You can buy HDMI cables at electronics stores offline nor on the Web. Be sure to purchase a cable that matches the distance between the two devices.

Here’s an easy way to follow:

  • Make sure all the components needed to connect the two devices are ready.
  • Connect each end of the door to the TV and portable device.
  • Note that the HDMI menu appears on the TV screen.
  • If the laptop screen does not appear automatically on the TV, enter the menu The Control Panel on your laptop.
  • Tab menu Screen then Adjust the resolution> TV to display the laptop screen on the TV.
  • The device is connected and you can enjoy HD quality movies.
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In addition to HDMI, another connector you can use is VGA. This type of cable is an old connector that was popular before HDMI appeared. A TV or laptop that uses a VGA cable is an old output device. You can also buy this door at an electronics store at a fairly affordable price.

How to wirelessly connect a laptop to a TV?

How To Connect Laptop To Cable Tv

In addition to using an HDMI cable, you can connect the notebook to the TV in other ways. This method is really simpler than using tools like cables.

As is well known, cables are prone to damage and sometimes do not match the device you have, so you need to use other alternatives. Well, here is another way that can help you connect your laptop to your TV.

Use Chromecast

Chromecast From Google Tv

With the development of technology, you don’t even have to use a cable to connect your laptop to your TV. Chromecast may be the best solution for connecting your laptop directly to your TV wireless also wireless. This device is a tool specifically designed by Google for easy TV viewing.

This device can be used for both Windows and Mac and can be used as a TV remote control. Chromecast is considered very practical to use, especially because of its small design but exceptional modern use.

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Not just laptops, you can even connect Android or iOS directly to your TV with this Chromecast. Here’s how to connect your laptop to a TV with Chromecast:

  • Chromecast consists of two types of devices with one different port, HDMI and USB. You can select the type you want. HDMI on Chromecast is shorter and can only be used on TV locations, while USB ports are similar flash drive. Both are connected to the TV on all available ports on your TV.
  • Turn on the TV. Normally, the TV will automatically detect the Chromecast. If not, reset and select the HDMI device with the remote control.
  • If you’re using a smartphone, download the Chromecast app from the Play Store or App Store for free. For laptops, you can enter at
  • Once the app is installed, click Continue and connect your device to Wi-Fi. Choose Next to proceed to the next stage.
  • Wait a few moments for your device to connect to Chromecast. Enter the verification code on the device and the TV with the remote control to start connecting.

Connect MacBook devices

Apple Tv For Mac

If you are using a Mac OS device, you can use other methods. This mode can be used for devices that support AirPlay 2, such as the latest Apple TVs, Samsung, LG and Sony (2019 and later).

Before connecting, your Apple TV and MacBook were on the same network.

  • First step, turn on the Apple TV and enable the AirPlay feature. Go to TV settings and select AirPlay then
  • Also turn on Airplay on your portable device.
  • Log in to the Apple device main menu, then select System Settings> Display> Display Tab.
  • When the Display menu opens, select AirPlay screen then check the column Show mirroring options in the menu bar when available.
  • Click the menu AirPlay in the upper right corner of the MacBook to enter the next menu.
  • Choose the name of your TV, then select Apple TV to display the MacBook screen.
  • You can open the menu to turn off AirPlay AirPlay and select Turn off AirPlay in the drop-down menu.
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Connect your Chromebook to your TV


In addition to Windows and Mac, laptops are usually supported by Chrome. For Chrome OS devices, the way to connect your laptop to your TV is also with Chromecast. In addition to Chromecast, you can also choose Chromecast Ultra as the latest device.

These Chrome OS portable devices usually have a built-in Chromecast that is more convenient. Some TVs that can be connected to a Chrome OS laptop include Nvidia Shield and Sony TV with Android TV.

Why doesn’t the laptop connect HDMI?

HDMI cables are very susceptible to damage. The causes also vary, from physical factors to damaged cables. Therefore, when buying, it is best to bring a laptop to make sure the cable is working properly. In addition to these problems, HDMI failed to connect to the laptop and TV due to the screen configuration settings in the device.

Here are some ways to connect your laptop to your TV, which we are discussing this time. You can customize this method to your needs and the device you have. HDMI and VGA are cheaper, so you can choose this option. However, if you’re a hands-on person, it could be a Chromecast-like device.

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