After transgender victory in women’s event, body of swimming parents ‘forced’ to open new category

After Transgender Victory In Women’s Event, Body Of Swimming Parents ‘Forced’ To Open New Category

Last March, transgender athlete Lia Thomas surprised many by becoming the United States Division 1 national champion in the women’s swimming event.

Lia’s victory sparked debate among sports professionals as she broke the competition record previously held by real women.

Lia is a transgender who just changed gender when she was 21 and had previously been on the men’s swim team.

She became the focus after appearing in the women’s swimming event, thus receiving quite a heated reaction after winning the championship.

On average, Lia Thomas won the event unfairly because she has the physicality and energy of a man.

More than 300 collegiate, US team and Olympic swimmers signed an open letter in support of Lia and all transgender and non-binary swimmers.

However, athletes and other organizations have raised concerns about the inclusion of transgender people.

Transgender Women'S Swimming Show

A number of issues, the governing body of world swimming has issued a ban on transgender women from competing in women’s events, starting immediately.

Members of the International Swimming Federation (FINA) also agreed to adopt a new gender entry policy, which only allows swimmers certified before age 12 to compete in women’s events.

“It’s a scientific study finding, if you change (gender from male to female) after puberty, you have abilities that aren’t the same as females, so it’s not fair,” said James Pearce, spokesman for the FINA president. .

According to the experts assigned to deal with the problem, the benefits are not lost even if they take hormone therapy, including bigger lungs and heart, longer bones, bigger hands and feet.

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Thus, swimming will create an ‘open category’ to allow transgender athletes to participate. At the same time, FINA decided to maintain the separation between the men’s and women’s categories in water sports.

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