Actress Kannada Swathi Sathish Face Ruined After Surgery, See Photos

Actress Kannada Swathi Sathish Face Ruined After Surgery, See Photos

For a movie star, your face is everything. Seeing the glamor and beauty of the face, the audience is drawn to the actor. But if something happens to that face, it will surely have a significant and harmful effect on your life. We often hear the story of actors who spoil their faces with plastic surgery to change them and make them more beautiful. But something different happened to Canadian actress Swathi Sathish.

The actress’ face deteriorated after the surgery.

It has been seen many times that movie celebrities have to bear the brunt of their wrong surgery. Now news has come that actress Kannada Swathi Sathish’s face has deteriorated due to root canal surgery. Actress Swathi had root canal surgery at a private clinic, after which her face became severely swollen. Doctors said this swelling would heal in a few hours, although now, even after 20 days, her face is just as swollen. Because of this, it is also becoming difficult to identify them.

Kannada Actress Swathi Satish
Kannada Actress Swathi Satish

Photos of Swathi Sathish’s pampered face are going viral on social media. How bad her face condition has become is known just by looking at the pictures. If the reports are true, instead of anesthesia, Swathi was given salicylic acid by doctors. According to a Kannada news channel, Swathi Sathish accused the clinic of medical malpractice. She says the doctors gave her wrong information about the treatment and now she is going to file a lawsuit against the clinic.

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Swathi Sathish Face Ruined
Actress Kannada Swathi Satish after surgery

Swathi Sathish also says that her film career is being affected because of it. One of her movies is about to be released. But due to this condition, she cannot leave the house and go in public, and she cannot promote the film. She is also being told that she is getting her swollen face treated by another medical clinic.

Earlier, actress Kannada Chetna Raj had lost her life due to negligence in her fat removal surgery. It was said that Chetna had gone to have this surgery without informing the family. After the surgery, he started having problems and she died. Chetna’s parents accused the doctors of negligence.

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