Aaliyah matches Angelina Sondakh’s portrait with her old photo when released from prison

Aaliyah Matches Angelina Sondakh’s Portrait With Her Old Photo When Released From Prison

Detik.thefilosofi.com– Angelina Sondakh now the name reappeared after a long time without appearing on social networks and names Angelina Sondakh into the public spotlight after being released from prison.

Aaliyah matches Angelina Sondakh’s portrait with her old photo when released from prison Angelina Sondakh is the ex-wife of the late Adjie Massaid, while Aaliyah Massaid and Reza Artamevia are adopted children of Angelina Sondakh.

Thursday (03/03/2022) Aaliyah shared a photo with Angelina Sondakh and everything Aaliyah uploaded to her Instagram account.

Angelina Sondakh He was arrested because he stumbled on a mistake that caused damage to the state, namely the corruption case at Wisma Atlet in the Palembang area.

Reza Artamevia cries as Angelina Sondakh apologizes at Adjie Massaid’s grave

On Thursday (3/3/2022) while crying Angelina Sondakh at TPU Jeruk Purut in South Jakarta, he said. “I’m sorry I left my kids, I’m sorry, I’ve been leaving my kids for 10 years. Here, Aaliyah grew up and went to college.

Marcelina, from Jakarta Class IIA Women’s Prison, Pondok Bambu, East Jakarta, said: “Today, March 3, she was released, but there are still reporting obligations,” he added.

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Marceline explained. “As long as he is on leave before he is released, he must follow the rules, which means there must be no violation of the law, there must be nothing that disturbs the community or that disturbs the detainee. When he is done, he will be revoked.

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“We organize it every two weeks (required to inform). But I’m sure that because he lived 9 years 10 months and 5 days he can live well”, explained Marcelina.

Approximately 10 years in prison, Angelina Sondakh did many useful activities

  • Join a group to memorize the Quran
  • hang out with groups that routinely recite the Quran every month
  • Participate doing the art of painting with IKJ in the bamboo hut detention center
  • Participate in Class II-A LPP recycling in Jakarta

And there are many other types of activities that have been carried out by Angelina Sondakh since he was arrested

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