A ‘big tent’ idea is good for opposition ahead of GE15, analysts say

A ‘Big Tent’ Idea Is Good For Opposition Ahead Of Ge15, Analysts Say

The GE15 rumors are getting louder. Since the beginning of the year, we as a people seem to be ‘prepared’ to face yet another general election. The performance of political parties continues to be evaluated and observed. In the field of government, UMNO-BN continued to shine and managed to build momentum. In the opposition camp, on the other hand, many analysts assume that this weakness stems from external and internal divisions in the opposition.

Now that the PKR election session is over and a new organization has been formed to lead the party, is there a new light for the opposition? Many analysts are still optimistic about the strength of the opposition, but there are conditions to consider.

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Rafizi Ramli unofficially won the post of vice president, a political analyst criticizing his earlier tenets

Recently, after the PKR election session, Rafizi Ramli was officially announced as having won the post of PKR vice president. It was previously said that Rafizi Ramli rejected the idea of ​​a ‘big tent’ with other opposition parties, so is it possible that with his new post he will reconsider or continue to cling to that principle?

This issue was discussed by political analyst Azmi Hassan. For him, Rafizi needs to get back to being pragmatic after taking second place in the party. If the ‘big tent’ strategy cannot be realized, the BN will have an easy way into GE15.

“In this case, Rafizi is very idealistic in his political strategy of rejecting the big tent. Inevitably, a strategy with the concept of a ‘big tent’ is needed, where Pakatan Harapan, along with other opposition groups, need to work together in this regard. .

This political ideology is important. But, as stated earlier, Rafizi needs to be pragmatic, not too idealistic to reject cooperation because the opposition must be in a tent, regardless of whether the opposition has a different fight with PKR or PH.

If the big tent concept is not realized 100%, BN will definitely have an easy way out” – Azmi Hassan, as reported by Malaysiakini

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For Rafizi, who rejected the idea, he described this ‘big tent’ approach as looking for a ‘new tent’ rather than solving existing problems. Also, before that, he also thought that PKR could not work with Bersatu. United are considered a traitor in the PH, so much so that the cause of the PH government collapsed through the Sheraton Steps 2 years ago.

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Despite this, Azmi is confident that Rafizi will be more pragmatic when he officially takes over as vice president.

“When occupying the position, you have to be pragmatic, you have to leave behind a little more the importance of self-principles. We have to prioritize the principles and ideology of the party’s interests first” – as reported by Malaysiakini

Meanwhile, Shamsul Amri Baharuddin said that although Rafizi received a large mandate from PKR members in the party’s election… he still cannot make many changes to the party in the near future. Anwar Ibrahim is still the leader of PKR and PH. If Rafizi wins, he will bring new hope to PKR supporters, not PH.

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Anwar will certainly be more pragmatic in accepting Rafizi’s idea if that view is expressed through discussions at PKR and with friends at PH. According to Shamsul, Rafizi is Anwar’s protege and was raised in the political world under Anwar’s umbrella and patronage. Malay patronage policy is still seen as very strong, that is, obedience to patrons and protectors.

The idea of ​​a ‘big tent’ remains alive, the strategy will unite other opposition parties

Touching on the idea of ​​a ‘big tent’, Amanah said he will continue to fight to unite opposition parties under the GE15’s ‘big tent’. Amanah’s director of communications, Khalid Samad, thinks this ‘big tent’ strategy should not be seen as involving PH je. It needs to involve other parties including Fighters, Heritage and Young.

“Amanah’s position is that the opposition needs to be united. These include Fighters, Legacy and Young. What a need for a big tent for PH. Of course, the concept of the big tent involves beyond PH, but only opposition” – Khalid Samad, as reported by Malaysiakini

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Fighters prior to that have confirmed that they will no longer move alone to the next GE. Your party has held informal meetings with other parties, whether in government, opposition or neutral parties. However, Mukhriz said that so far the discussion has not further involved PKR.

“We will probably not participate in the GE15 alone. So, we discussed with several parties, including the ruling party, the opposition and the parties that do not support any (neutral) party.

The discussion was held informally and a formal discussion will be held in the near future. We are open to such cooperation, whether in terms of coalitions or literal alliances” – Mukhriz Mahathir, as reported by Malaysiakini

Khalid Samad continued, Amanah will try to meet and discuss with all opposition parties not just involving the PH. It is thought that the big tent concept is still needed and will strengthen the opposition to face UMNO-BN and pro-government parties.

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For us, this big tent strategy should be well considered. There is truth behind the opinion of previous political analysts. Even before that, division in the opposition camp was seen as having contributed to voter distrust in the election. It is time for the opposition to re-emerge and become a new alternative for the people.

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