9 reasons why HP suddenly restarts by itself

9 Reasons Why Hp Suddenly Restarts By Itself

Various electronic problems, including cell phones, are common. Things that happen often include the phone suddenly restarting or even dying. A cell phone that restarts itself is almost experienced by all cell phone users, especially smartphones. Although the smartphone used is rated high and sufficient, it is also possible to try it.

Usually, users panic when their phone suddenly restarts. Especially when the phone restarts at a very important time. Even though the battery is still full and looks fine. Here are some of the causes of cell phone restart and the solutions to overcome them.

Some of the causes of the cell phone suddenly restarting

software error

Machine error or smartphone OS damage is indeed a small problem. Usually, before the phone restarts, there is a device notification or something. The phone will restart and come back to life as before. All you have to do is let the phone rest for a while and use it again after the phone cools down again.

root error

The act of rooting a cell phone has many advantages. One of them is a mobile that becomes light, especially if you use heavy applications. As the saying goes, there is no ivory that is not cracked, the root also has its weaknesses. One of them might experience the phone turning off without notification. This will happen if at the time of root there is a missed error.

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a lot of cache

Too much cache is also the reason why the phone restarts suddenly. Cache exists in any app that works to speed up app usage. However, too much cache will also make the phone unwieldy. When the phone starts to restart, the cache should be cleared as soon as possible.

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