9 apps to sell the cheapest credits in 2022

9 Apps To Sell The Cheapest Credits In 2022

Currently, there are many ways we can make extra money, one of which is by selling credit. Selling credit is an easy business for anyone to do. Because currently there are many apps to sell credit on Android that can be used for free. Curious What apps can you use to sell credit? Check out our recommendations below.

Recommended apps to sell credit on Android

Reported from the official page ruminah.com There are several types of apps that you can use to sell credit on Android. Whether it’s a Sharia credit vending app or a regular app.

With these many options, you can determine which application is suitable for you to use. If you’re confused about the options available, you can look at the app recommendations we’ve summarized below.

So that when you sell credit you make a lot of profit, so one of the options is that you have to become an agent. If you really want to be an agent, here’s how to become a loan officer, which we’ve already discussed.

If you have already studied the place, just tips and ways to be able to sell credit correctly, let’s see the list of applications for those who want to sell credit.

1. turn

Flip is a financial app that you can use to transfer money to banks, top up e-wallets, top up credit and make payments at online stores.

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So if you want to sell credit using the flip app, of course you can. But you must have a balance in the fold to transact.

The advantage of using the flip app is that there is a small discount on top up. So if you sell credit for Rp. 5,000, the total balance deducted will be Rp. 5,500.

2. Tokoreload

Tokoreload is also one of the most recommended apps when someone wants to sell credit. Because this app offers many credit transfer features that you can use.

In this app you can top up national credit, transfer to all providers, fill phone and SMS packages, top up XL, Indosat, Tri and E-wallet quotas and you can also use it to top up games.

3. Cheapest loan officer

Loan agents are one of the applications that provide the cheapest pulse prices. So, you can reap a lot of benefits if you use this app.

In the credit agent app, you can also top up credit for all operators. So any provider card user can buy credit instead. In addition to credit, you can also sell internet packages and provide electronic money payment services.

Sharia credit sales app

If you want to sell credit but with the Sharia method, try the Sharia credit sale app on Android, which we recommend.

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1. Payfaz agent

Who does not know an application called Payfazz Agent. This app is an app suitable for use as a means of selling credit. Because there are several features that work to sell credit.

Using this app is also very easy, so it helps a lot if you want to open a branch at home and service the sale of electronic credit.

2. Kioser

Next is the kiosk app, in the kiosk app you can register to be a loan officer using just your mobile number. Membership here is free, so in fact there are many interested in using the kiosk app as a means of selling credit.

3. Order Kuota

As the name suggests, the order quota app has the advantage of being used to top up credits. So if you use the quota order app, you can sell credit easily.

You only need to top up on Indomaret and Alfamart to fill the balance of the quota order that will be used to sell credit using the app on Android.

Selling credit bookkeeping apps

In addition to the apps above, there are also apps that are no less important and supportive when you are selling credit.

And the app is a credit sales bookkeeping app on Android. You can get some of these apps for free from the Google Play Store.

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Curious what the app is? Only doctors we will count below

1. Partners Book

Mitra Book is an application created by PT Bukalapak. You can use this app to record all transactions and also financial reports.

Using Mitra book app will minimize losses as the recording is very accurate and easy to understand. In our opinion, the Mitra book is one of the best credit sale accounting apps today.

For those who want to be a loan officer, do not leave this application or do not use it.

2. Book Bank

So, in addition to the Partner’s book, there is also an application for registering books in the credit sale. The app is a book stand, this app is currently popular and widely recognized by MSME entrepreneurs and large companies.

In fact, the resources contained in this store book are quite complete and easy to use. As a credit seller, we have to use this app to record all sales. So this app is very important for you to use.

3. Recap

The latest credit sale bookkeeping app is lapak recap. As the name suggests, this app is used to recap data when there is a sales transaction.

You can record sales on the day you sold the credit and also record the number of credits someone bought.

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