8 Best and Fastest File Transfer Apps for Android

8 Best And Fastest File Transfer Apps For Android

The Best and Fastest File Transfer Apps for Android – In the past, to transfer between cell phones, we needed bluetooth. However, with the times and the emergence of Android phones, everything has changed.

Currently, in fact, we still use bluetooth to make deliveries from one Android phone to another, but the supporting technology is a little different.

Now there are several apps that can help us transfer files faster. Here are some of those transfer apps!.

Best and fastest Android file transfer app


On the first list, of course, is SHAREit, which is the pioneer of an app for transferring files on Android phones.

This app was released on April 28, 2013 and its size is relatively small which is only 35MB. This app made by Smart Media4U Technology has over 1 billion downloads.

The features in it are online and offline file sharing, file manager, cell phone cleaner, music player, battery saver, cool right.

2. EasyShare

Easy Sharing

This file sharing app was listed in June 2016 and has had over 100 million downloads since then.

EasyShare is made by Vivo Communication Technology, also known as vivo official, and its size is only 18 MB. To use it, you need Android version 5.0 and above.

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Features found in EasyShare are offline file transfers, no ads, also available for iOS, Windows and MAC.

3. XSharing

Almost same as EasyShare, Xshare was also released in 2016, March 2016 to be exact. Its size is quite small which is 22MB and to use it, Android phone version 5.0 and above is required.

This app made by Shalltry Group has features like offline use, privacy protected transfer, file manager and many other features.

4. Send anywhere

Judging by the release date, it turns out that the app made by Estmob Inc. was listed before SHAREit. We can use this app for Android 4.4 and above phones.

The size of the app is also moderate, around 25 MB and Send Anywhere has been used by over 10 million users worldwide.

Features contained in it such as sharing all types of files, offline, sending to PC and more.

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5. Superbeam

Super Ray

A file sharing app the same age as SHAREit, SuperBeam, was released in March 2013. This app made by LiveQoS is very small in size, around 13 MB.

I think this app is also recommended as it has more than 10 million users. To use it, you must use Android version 6.0 and above.

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The features contained in it such as scanning using NFC or QR codes, dark themes, AMOLED and many other features.

6. Share me

It is Xiaomi’s official file sharing app released in November 2017. Even though it is new, this app has already been used by more than 1 billion users worldwide.

The size is also small, around 32MB, and the supported Android phones are Android OS 5.0 and above phones. Features included in it such as offline, file transfer, friendly user interface, uploading large files and more.

7. Xender

Maybe we are already familiar with this file sharing app, yes, Xender is a sharing app with the same age as SHAREit.

This app made by Xender File Sharing Team is about 15 MB in size and already has over 100 million downloads worldwide.

To use it, an Android phone with OS 4.1 and above is required. For the features contained in it, such as offline use, support for iOS, Windows Phone, PC, for MAC.

8. Airdroid

Out of all the apps I wrote on the list, this one is probably the oldest as Airdroid was released in November 2011 and its size is also the biggest which is 46MB.

This application made by SAND STUDIO has been used by more than 10 million users worldwide, and to use it, an Android phone with a minimum operating system of 4.0 is required.

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Features contained in it such as file transfer, screen mirroring, contact and sms management and more.

So these are some of the best Android file transfer apps I can write. In your opinion, which app is the best?, write in the comments column yes!.

So this article, I hope it’s useful!.

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