7 Ways to Secure Your Gmail Account So It’s Not Easy to Hack

7 Ways To Secure Your Gmail Account So It’s Not Easy To Hack

How to secure Gmail account so it is not easy to hack Gmail is an e-mail service application created by the giant company of the cyber world, Google.

Also, Gmail itself is usually not only used to send and receive e-mail, but many also use Gmail to register for Facebook, Youtube and other types of cloth accounts.

So, to prevent your personal data from falling into the hands of hackers, protect your Gmail account as follows.

7 Ways to Secure Your Gmail Account So It’s Not Easy to Hack

How To Secure Gmail Account So It Is Not Easy To Hack
How to secure Gmail account

In fact, Gmail itself already has a pretty capable level of security.

However, there are still many Gmail accounts that can be successfully hacked due to lack of additional security.

1. Detect the presence of viruses on your device

Viruses can be one of the causes of our Gmail account password leaking due to their behind-the-scenes intruder nature that sometimes goes unnoticed.

To detect and remove viruses from your device, you must install antivirus software as an antidote.

Once the device is declared safe from viruses, be careful when accessing the Internet.

Therefore, do not download any files from the internet, much less come from fake websites that often intentionally provide files for us to download that have a virus installed.

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2. Watch account activity

How To Secure Gmail Account Pay Attention To Account Activity
How to secure Gmail account

Check and verify your Gmail account whether there is anything suspicious or not. To detect it, go to the ‘My Account’ menu and click on the ‘Security Check’ option.

3. 2-step verification

This two-step verification is arguably the most powerful way to protect your Gmail account from hacker attacks. This 2-step verification when we log in will ask for a password and code sent to our mobile.

4. Update apps routinely

Now, the next way to protect your Gmail account from hacker attacks is to always update the app.

Regular application updates are planned because generally the latest version has a better security level than the previous version.

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5. Be careful when entering the password

How To Protect Gmail Account Enter Password
How to secure Gmail account

Do not enter your Gmail password on an untrustworthy website as this is often a phishing (fishing) method by hackers to access your Gmail account.

6. Do not use pirated apps

Pirated apps or software have become many people’s choice to use because they can be accessed for free without having to buy them as original software or apps.

However, pirated apps sometimes contain infiltrating viruses that are certainly dangerous for your account security, so avoid using pirated apps.

7. Update Account Data Recovery

The last way for us to protect accounts from hacker attacks is to update the account data recovery.

This is to keep you safe to enter contacts if there is a problem with your account.

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So these were 7 ways to fix your Gmail account to avoid hacking attacks that you can apply, hope this article will be helpful for all of us.

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