7 HP Screenshot Tricks and Ways Xiaomi HP Users Should Know

7 Hp Screenshot Tricks And Ways Xiaomi Hp Users Should Know

Face Screenshot Xiaomi- Xiaomi is currently a smartphone with a large number of users in Indonesia. But for some new users, you may not know how to track Xiaomi phone screen.

As we know, in the standard virtual OS software, Xiaomi or what is known as MIUI OS is already equipped with a screenshot feature.

So, as a Xiaomi user with these features, we don’t need to install any additional apps to take screenshots.

Screenshot or Screenshot is a feature to take a picture displayed on the device’s screen.

The same screenshot is well known among computer users. But now screenshots are not only available on computers.

But it is available on many smart devices like Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.

Dude Screenshot Xiaomi

Dude Screenshot Xiaomi
7 HP Screenshot Tricks and Ways Xiaomi HP Users Should Know Cara Screenshot Xiaomi

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How to capture Xiaomi screen using 3 fingers

How to screenshot Xiaomi used to be very easy, and screenshot articles that we can do using our fingers.

The path is quite easy, place our three fingers on the screen that we are going to capture, then drag or slide our hand down.

So our Xiaomi phone will automatically process the screenshot directly.

This method is very fast, but unfortunately there are still many users who do not know this method.

However, this screenshot mode cannot be done unless we enable three-finger mode to take screenshots.

How to activate screen capture mode using 3 fingers is not difficult. First, we open the Xiaomi settings menu.

After entering the settings menu, select Additional Settings or Additional Settings. Then select Screenshot and enable the three-finger swipe feature to take a screenshot.

When this feature is active, we can try to take a screenshot by rubbing our three fingers together.

When you first try it, you might find it difficult and complicated, but if you get used to it, of course it will be simpler and faster than using other methods.

How to Take a Screenshot of Xiaomi with a Hot Ball

The second screenshot is using the shortcut menu or shortcut menu feature. To be able to use the Xiaomi shortcut menu feature, we must first activate it.

How to activate the shortcut menu in Xiaomi is very easy. First, open the Settings menu, select More settings, then select the shortcut menu or smart menu.

After enabling this feature, don’t forget to add a screenshot menu to the specific shortcut.

We can also remove other shortcuts if we find that there are too many options in the shortcut menu.

When this feature is active, we can take a screenshot by pressing the hotkey and clicking on the screenshot logo. In this way, the screen will be captured automatically.

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Via the status bar

The next way to capture your Xiaomi screen is to use status bar menu or notification bar.

To do this is not difficult. Open the status bar by swiping down from the top corner of the Xiaomi screen.

Then look for the quick snapshot menu and click on it. Xiaomi will automatically create a screenshot and save it to our phone gallery.

With on/off and volume button

Like this screenshot, of course, it has been very popular among Android device users.

Because this method can not only be done on Xiaomi but also on almost all Android phones.

We can easily capture the screen display by pressing and holding the power and volume down buttons simultaneously.

With volume keys and menu key

In addition to using the power button and volume down. We can also take screenshots using the Volume Down key and the Menu key.

How is it possible that many still don’t know. But in my personal opinion, this method is simpler than using the volume down button and the power button.

Because if you use the power button and turn the volume down, we have to press the button for a while.

But if you use Volume Down key and Menu key, just press them together and you don’t need to save them.

Xiaomi long screenshots

Long screenshots are used to capture chat history or articles on websites.

However, among the many Xiaomi users there are some who still don’t know how to make that long screen.

Long screenshots that we can take by taking screenshots in a different way above.

After taking the screenshot, tap the screenshot on the Xiaomi screen. Then select the Scroll option and scroll the screen to all the sections you want to capture.

per app

If you’re still not satisfied with Xiaomi’s default screenshot feature, we can use additional apps. It is very easy to find the same screenshot app on the Google Play Store as there are probably hundreds of screenshot apps available on Android.

You can also see the best screen capture apps that we have selected here and you can see them by clicking here: Android Screen Capture Apps

Each of these applications certainly has advantages and disadvantages. In fact, it is not uncommon to have screen capture apps that also offer screen recording or screen recording features.

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These are some ways to take screenshots on Xiaomi mobiles, choose the method you think is easiest to use, thank you.

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