6 Ways To Get Money From Google You Can Try

6 Ways To Get Money From Google You Can Try

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How to get money from Google – Today there are more and more ways that can be done to earn money. From selling online, creating websites and placing ads, to opening websites or social media management services that are currently required by many businesses.

It is undeniable, Google’s presence as a search giant rich in reliable resources is able to create a new ecosystem in the digital world for many people to be helped by new jobs in the digital field.

Well, for those of you who are interested in getting into the digital world and looking to earn a big income, here we have summarized several ways to make money from Google that you can use as a guideline.

How to get money from google you can try

Did you know that in addition to being a platform provider of search engines and marketing tools, Google can also be used to find money? Here are some Google platforms that you can use as a mine to increase your income.

1. Through the Google AdSense blog

The AdSense platform has been here from the beginning to support the growth of the text-based content ecosystem. Google can enrich user search results because Blogger is increasingly motivated to create quality articles to get traffic that can be converted into ads.

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Until now, Google AdSense is still the advertising platform that pays Blogger. You can withdraw your AdSense ad revenue if you have reached the minimum threshold of $100 or around IDR 1.5 million.

But remember, to succeed in earning regular monthly income from Google AdSense, you must have a website with a TLD domain like domain .ID and quality content that many users are looking for. If you are not consistent and give up halfway, the effort will surely be in vain because there are many other bloggers who create content regularly.

2.Selling digital books on Google Books

The next way to get money from Google is by selling digital books or e-books on the Google Books platform. If you have a hobby of writing short stories, novels or other works, Google Books can be the right choice to make money.

To become an author on Google Books, you don’t need to spend a lot of capital. Just make sure you already have the book’s content in the form of an E-BOOK complete with cover and other interesting parts.

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Google Books sales in Indonesia are still not great, but it is possible that in the future you will earn millions of rupees from buying books legally by fans or fans.

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3. Monetize Google AdSense YouTube

This method is the same as when you create a blog, the difference is that the content that needs to be uploaded is a video, not an article. Currently, the profession of YouTubers is quite promising because you can get tens or even millions of rupees every month from Google AdSense.

The key is that you still need to be consistent and be able to create content that is unique and different from others. For some people, being a YouTuber is also a stepping stone to becoming an artist or public figure that many people know. So, if you are interested in this, immediately try creating content on YouTube.

4.Installing company location on Google MyBusiness

This method cannot bring in money directly from Google, but by installing a business location on Google Maps, you have the potential to attract new potential customers who have never tried the products sold.

Google MyBusiness itself is Google’s effort to support local businesses to grow in the digital age. The reason is that consumers can more easily find locations, service review information, and location directions if you add a business location to Google MyBusiness.

Adding a business location on Google MyBusiness is also very easy, even anyone can do it for free without having to pay a subscription fee to Google. Very interesting, right?

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5. Sale of paid apps on the PlayStore

Also, you can make money from Google by selling paid apps on the PlayStore. This method is not meant for everyone, because everyone has skills as a trusted app builder.

If you’re interested, examples of paid app ideas you can try to develop include apps containing recipes, photo editing apps with certain styles, and more.

6. Ads for apps with Google AdMob

In addition to setting a subscription fee or purchasing an app, you can also earn revenue by placing ads in the app. Google has a specific service for this, its name is Google AdMob.

The revenue sharing scheme and how Google AdMob itself works is almost the same as Google AdSense, i.e. the amount of revenue you can generate depends on how many users use the app.

This is how you can try to get money from Google. Just like any business in general, getting money from Google also requires hard work and consistency, so don’t give up if you encounter obstacles or problems!

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