6 Latest Ways to Order Grab for Others 2021

6 Latest Ways To Order Grab For Others 2021

How to ask others to Grab – It is undeniable that the need for online transport is quite popular nowadays. Because? You can see very well that GrabBike or GrabCar can already be considered one of the most popular online means of transport used by the public, as the safety and comfort offered are much better than conventional transport.

However, sometimes there are also problems when using GrabCar or GrabBike services. An example of these obstacles is the lack of access to be able to order GrabCar or GrabBike.

This also happens for a reason, one of them is not installing applications, running out of internet quota, lack of technology and many other factors.

So, there are effective workarounds to use, such as ordering GrabCar or GrabBike for others. Whether for friends, family or for the two who are still in love.

However, keep in mind that Grab does not recommend ordering its services from people outside the account owner. The main reason is insurance.

The accident insurance provided by Grab is intended for registered users or customers, both drivers and users of Grab services. So always try to order GrabCar or GrabBike with their respective accounts.

And a solution for those who don’t have access, you can take advantage of Grab Venue if it’s close to you. Grab Venue can help you place orders for those who don’t have a smartphone or can’t access the Grab app.

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However, there is a common issue where Grab Venue is only available in certain locations.

After a long discussion about what are the advantages or disadvantages of ordering Grab for other people. Then we’ll see how to order GrabCar from others below.

  1. The first is to open the Grab application.
  2. After that, enter your pick-up point and destination.
  3. If you are already registered, do not order yet. Insert note for driver. For example, like the image below, which is in the green box at the bottom.How To Order A Grabbike For Someone Else
  4. About note for driver write descriptionyou can fill in a request for a friend and call the number 081* **** ****.
  5. With this message, the driver knows that the order he has received is for someone other than the account, and this number is used to be contacted directly by the driver.
  6. When finished, you can press MESSAGE to continue ordering as usual.

With the message received, the driver will immediately call the contact number. And don’t forget to inform your friends about the driver’s identity, starting with the name, license plate, type of vehicle used and, finally, the fees to be paid. In this way, you have successfully ordered a Grabcar or GrabBike for someone else.

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