6 Causes of Unreadable Hard Drive on a PC You Should Know About

6 Causes Of Unreadable Hard Drive On A Pc You Should Know About

Are you looking for the cause of an unreadable hard drive in a PC or laptop? Then you are right in this article. The reason is that this can also be caused by many things.

The hard drive is a component used to store media, whether in the form of photos, videos, images or other documents. So if this component cannot be read correctly, it will be difficult for users.

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Hard drives have two types i.e. internal and external. The internal hard drive is the device’s default hard drive. While an external hard drive is a hard drive, not a removable device.

So, how to find out the cause of an unreadable hard drive on a PC or laptop? Come on, keep reading this article until the end.

Causes of Unreadable Hard Drive on PC or Laptop

The causes of unreadable hard drive are as follows:

1. BIOS Error Settings

The cause of the unreadable hard drive is the setting in the BIOS which is OFF, Enable or Disable. BIOS (Basic Input Output System) is a system that manages basic data input and output settings. The BIOS is used to regulate the functions of the computer’s hardware.

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The way to make the hard drive readable is to simply enter the system BIOS and change the settings. If the Enable setting is changed to Enabled, Disabled to Enabled, or from OFF to ON.

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2. Catch a virus

The hard disk whose memory is unreadable may have been infected with a virus. Computers that have been attacked by a virus can also attack the computer’s hard drive. Viruses can spread through links clicked by users.

The way to deal with a hard drive affected by a virus so that it can be read is to reinstall the computer. Another way to deal with this virus is to install an antivirus program on your computer and fix it regularly.

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3. Excessive Consumption

Excessive computer usage also affects computer hard drive performance. Low specification computers that are continuously operated with heavy activities are the cause of the hard drive being damaged so that it cannot be read.

Reduce excessive use of computers for gaming, video editing and coding activities. Give the computer a moment to rest. So that the computer does not get hot and the hard disk is not easily damaged.

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4. Computers often shut down suddenly

One of the causes of unreadable hard drives is usually computer users who suddenly turn off their computers (forced shutdown). A computer that crashes marked as unresponsive on the screen is forced to shut down by pressing the power button. This causes the currently spinning hard drive to die immediately.

Therefore, reduce by forcing the computer to shut down immediately. Try not to open too many applications so that the computer doesn’t freeze or slow down. If the computer force shutdown frequently, the internal hard drive will also be damaged so that the data on it cannot be read.

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5. Rarely Defrag

Defragmenting is a way of grouping files on a computer according to their type and placing them in the same location. The defrag function is so that the computer does not slow down and is more optimized. Where it also affects hard drive performance.

How to defrag your computer’s hard drive is to enter the ‘Defrag’ menu depending on the type of Windows you are using. Then select ‘Optimize’ or ‘Defrag disk’. Then the computer will run the process and wait for it to complete.

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6. Hard disk memory full

A fully loaded hard drive is the ultimate cause of an unreadable hard drive. Normally, a warning will appear that the hard disk memory is fully loaded. However, if you ignore these warnings frequently and continue to use a full hard drive, the data will be damaged or the file will crash.

The fix is ​​to periodically clean up the junk on the hard drive. To make cleaning up junk easier, you can use cleaning apps like CCleaner or others. This is the cause of unreadable hard drives in computers that are often encountered by users.

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