6 Best Similar Apps for TV Ome (Live Streaming Feature)

6 Best Similar Apps For Tv Ome (Live Streaming Feature)

We can say that making a video call is really fun to do. However, have you ever used an app similar to Ome TV? Hmmm, an app almost similar to Ome TV can allow users to make random video calls and that is unpredictable.

If you are curious about any app that is almost similar to this Ome TV, let’s have a look at the app below.

List of best apps similar to TV Ome

This app that Berjuang.my.id summarized has a file size that is not so big that it won’t overwhelm your smartphone device. Also, this app has a huge number of users where you can meet different types of people from any part of the world.

1. bad luck

Bad Luck

The first application we will discuss is Azar. This app has a variety of features where users can take advantage of these features as desired, for example as features Live broadcast Idol.

Every video view in this app is HD quality, so don’t worry about videos that are not good and so on.

Another feature of Azar APK that is quite popular is the availability of random videos where users can meet other users randomly without any restrictions.

With the presence of this feature, it will definitely help users to practice their courage in communicating with other people or even using other languages.

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A new experience with meeting new people can increase our social reach and this is highly recommended.

2. Camsurf


The next application that will be discussed is Camsurf. This APK was basically created to serve people who are looking for an online partner.

However, the development of this app went very well and the initial context started to change to a means of communication to meet other people like online friends and so on.

The cool and interesting feature of this app is that users can connect with other users even when abroad and this is random.

Not a few people have made new friends or even new partners with the help of this Camsurf app.

3. Chat alternative

Chat Alternative

The third app similar to Ome TV is Chat Alternative. This app features anonymous video chat service with very fast performance process and of course free.

Users can also use the random video feature in this APK when they are bored due to the provided features.

In addition to being able to add new friends, you can also improve your language skills with other people you may not have met or met before.

You can use this resource to fill your free time during the pandemic.

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4. Chatruletka


This app is almost the same as Ome TV which offers a highly recommended random video feature.

The name of this app is Chatruletka. This app is also equipped with the ability to accommodate up to 12 people on one media.

Users of this app can not only communicate with people they know, but also meet and chat with strangers.

Users also have free access to invite anyone to join this app to create a much more impressive new atmosphere.

This cool APK also offers features Live broadcast to provide new entertainment for users.

To liveit is also available in various types of themes according to one’s wishes.

5. Chat Wheel

Chat Wheel

Basically, this Ome TV-like app is created to provide additional online friends or provide facilities for users to find their soulmate online.

This app has a very good rating because basically this app is really good so they also get good feedback.

Users can also get new acquaintances from various parts of the world as per their wishes.

This does not exclude the possibility of meeting Caucasians to improve your foreign language skills.

6. Camfro


The last app you shouldn’t miss is Camfrog. This APK provides random video features. So users can meet new random people without regional restrictions.

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Camfrog is also equipped with a range of quite complete features, for example such as Live broadcast and videos private.

Well, I hope the information about some of the recommendations for the best Ome TV-like app can be a useful workaround for you to try. If you get another cool app, don’t hesitate to write it down in the comments column.

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