5 ways to speed up pc internet.. number 3 best

5 Ways To Speed Up Pc Internet.. Number 3 Best

One of the ways to speed up the internet from the pc is by subscribing to streamix or fiber optics. Is this method relevant to everyone?

Definitely not.

Not everyone has the ability to do so and not all places have internet coverage using streamix or fiber optics.

Therefore, there are alternatives as a way to speed up the pc internet.

This is the theme I’m trying to share this time.

High speed internet is a convenience these days.

Lack of speed means outdated.

The fact is that there are still many places that do not have internet speed, thus affecting productivity and digital industries such as how to make an ecommerce websiteand.

Internet access can use WIFI from a router or modem.

The equipment is relatively cheap and the performance doesn’t disappoint either.

how to speed up pc internet

How To Speed Up Pc Internet

1. Change the router’s position

I recently bought an Olax AX5 Pro router or mode.

I put it in a low cupboard.

When I checked the speedtest and looked at the performance of Live on Facebook, I found that it wasn’t as fast as it should have been.

I decided to change the router’s position to a higher position.

Finally, it is recognized that this method is also impressive, the internet speed on the laptop has changed a lot.

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2. Use a LAN cable

While working in the office, I prefer to use LAN cable instead of WIFI.

This is how to speed up the internet computer using a LAN cable.

In addition to speed, the LAN cable is also stable.

Compared to many interference WIFI signals, cable is the best choice for faster speeds.

If you don’t believe you can try.

3. Change the router

Common high-speed routers are synonymous with expensive prices and trusted brands.

If the reader is experiencing a slow internet situation, why not try to find a router that I recommend.

Recommended brands like Huawei, TPlink and ZTE.

This for example and you can also find other brands that are always mentioned by consumers.

4. Google DNS

This part is quite challenging and if you’re not sure you can refer to the Mona Lisa video I’ve included below.

If not, see article Cyber ​​Life.

Their descriptions are quite complete and convincing.

If I’m not very good at it.

5. Restart the router

Of the many tips I mentioned above, of course number five is easy to do.

How to reset you can press the power off button on the router or restart the router application.

Don’t worry, restarting will not damage your router.

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This is how I did it when I used a PC in the office where I worked.

Even after customers complained that the WIFI signal they were using was slow.

After restarting, the router will work better and the internet will be faster.


The PC internet speed method I listed above can be tried instead of doing nothing.

Undoubtedly, a slow internet line will affect the soul and mind.

Good luck.

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