5 Ways to See Other People’s Private Instagram Account Posts 2020

5 Ways To See Other People’s Private Instagram Account Posts 2020
5 Ways To See Other People's Instagram Account Posts That Are Private

How to see other people’s Instagram account posts that are private – Private Instagram account, you don’t get curious when you see someone’s Instagram account or your distant friend that is private.

Of course, there is a curiosity in your heart to see and discover the content of that person’s story and Instagram wall. Usually their Instagram can only be seen if we follow their ig.

However, on the other hand, we are also prestigious and reluctant to follow other people’s Instagram accounts. You are that kind of gene right,,, 😊

But don’t worry, because Mimin has very interesting and useful information, God willing, on how to see someone’s blocked Instagram account without you having to follow the target’s ig.

In fact, Instagram is currently the only social media account that is busy being discussed and widely used by Android users. Not only in Indonesia, but also around the world.

How to see other people’s private Instagram account posts

How To See Other People's Private Instagram Account Posts Without Following - 5 Ways To See Other People's Private Instagram Account Posts

We often find several accounts that are private and make us curious, what exactly is the content of the account.

In this thread, Mimin will share tips and tricks for you, ways to view private Instagram accounts without having to follow your ig.

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use friend account

The first way you can do it is to use your friends’ ig accounts, folks. Of course, your friend’s IG account must be friends or follow the target’s ig. So if the target allowed it, your friend’s ig account can see the target’s Instagram account. You can spy on Instagram accounts without having to follow them. It’s simple.

Using fake account

Usually this second method is done by those who can’t move on with their ex, guys, xixixixixix. Yes, the second way as you can see the target’s blocked ig account without them knowing you are following them is to create a fake account. Give a name and bio other than your personal details, then follow your doi or ex, or maybe your crush. That way you can chase the target ig account every day, every time and every time there is an update.

using the app

The third way, you can use the app to view the locked Instagram account. There are several apps that you can use to see someone’s Instagram account that is being blocked. Among them are Exytagram, Copygram, Instagreat, Followgram, webstagram and pinggram. You can install any of the apps I mentioned and then run the command. Then you can use the app to view and monitor everything on the target’s Instagram.

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using the website

Fourth, you can use various websites to view a friend’s or friend’s blocked Instagram account. These include instapy.net, followgram.me, web.stagram.cim, Ink361.com, Gramfeed.com and Viewprivateprofiles.net. Choose one or you can also try them all to see which accounts are private. You can use a traditional browser that was installed on a laptop or Android.

How to view private Instagram photos and videos without following

For the last tutorial, this is a special trick for those who want to know all the photos that were uploaded from someone’s IG account or a friend’s private account.

  1. The first step, copy the Instagram account profile URL of someone else who is your target
  2. Then paste the URL into Google Chrome browser
  3. Well, if you want to see a photo or image on a separate ig account, just right click on the image and select copy url.
  4. Then you paste in the google search field
  5. Wait for it to load and you can find out profile picture or Instagram account picture
  6. Done.

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the final word

The tips and tricks mimin described above are complete. Interested in trying it out?, choose one of the four tricks mimin describes. So, you will be able to see the blocked Instagram accounts of your friends. Good luck.

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