5 Ways to Beat Bootloop Mobile without PC

5 Ways To Beat Bootloop Mobile Without Pc

How to overcome a bootloop cell phone is according to what is important for us to know. Smartphones are the main needs of human beings today for daily activities. However, problems often occur because they are used every day.

Smartphone performance is getting worse because of this. One of the most avoided problems is the bootloop. Are you experiencing this? No need to worry, here’s how to deal with bootlop phones that must be done.

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What is Bootloop

Before discussing how to solve a bootloop cell phone, it is a good idea to first understand what a bootloop is? Perhaps it is already familiar to your ears. But do you really know what Bootlop is? If you have ever turned on your smartphone and found it stuck on the smartphone logo or failed to turn on, this is called a bootloop. This event will go on for a long time or it will stay that way.

Easy Ways to Beat Bootloop Phones

restart mobile

The bootloop’s light damage level can still be overcome by restarting the mobile. A lightweight bootloop occurs because of a problem or interference with data operations. Doing this method is very easy, first turn off your cell phone. Remove the battery, sim card, even the SD card. Leave for about 15 minutes.

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After that, reinstall the SD card, SIM card and battery. Restart your cell phone. For lightweight bootloop, this method can revive your mobile. But if it still doesn’t work then the bootlop level is already serious.

Wipe cache partition

A powerful way to overcome bootloop phones without a PC is to wipe the cache partition. No need to worry, this method won’t cause your smartphone data to be lost, so it’s safe, right? The method is very easy, you just need to enter Recovery Mode on the mobile and click yes.

But remember, for each cell phone the way to enter recovery is different. For Samsung, click Home+power/homer+volume up+power. Huawei click the power button + volume up. LG press Home + Volume Up + Power button. Asus press the power button + volume up (after the logo appears, release the power button, hold the volume down). HTC press Power + Volume Down + Power button.

factory reset

Factory reset is also one of the most effective ways to fix bootloop phones. To do this, you must enter recovery mode first. This method will reset the system software. This way you will make the system like the first time/again. How to do this is very easy, you just need to select Factory Reset and select yes.

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After doing this method, the system will automatically perform the system restore process back to factory. When this process takes place, please leave your cell phone on (do not disturb it) as it will affect the ongoing process. If the process is successful, the mobile will immediately go to the home page.

ROM flashing

Flashing ROM is a way to beat bootloop phones to the severe category. This method is included in the most complicated and cumbersome way. Severe bootlops like this occur because there is a problem installing the wrong custom ROM/OS update on the mobile. To do this, you can download the Smartphone Flash Tool application.

In the app there are steps you need to do. You just need to follow all the instructions in the app. This app can be used for all types of cell phones. From Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Huawei, HTC, Asus and so on.

service center

If the above mentioned methods have been done but still don’t work, try going to the service center. There the cell phone will be handled by professionals. So you don’t need to be afraid and worried. At the call center, the cell phone will be thoroughly checked for problems that occur.

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Normally the cell phone has to stay a few days to overcome the bootloop that occurs. Approximately 3 days to 1 week. If it cannot be repaired, the service center will tell you the cause and why it cannot be repaired.

Bootloop is one of the problems most avoided by cell phone users, as it interferes with their activities, especially for people who use their cell phone as a work tool. There are several ways to overcome the above mobile bootlop that you can do.

If the cell phone really cannot be fixed, it is highly recommended until the last point, which is to go to the call center, as professionals know more about the intricacies of the cell phone and know what to do to keep it safe without harming others. .

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