5 types of ceramics that are suitable for kitchen walls

5 Types Of Ceramics That Are Suitable For Kitchen Walls

bdg.co.id When decorating the kitchen, the choice of wall design also needs to be considered by the homeowner to make it look unappealing.

An alternative to choosing a kitchen wall design is to use ceramic. In addition to looking beautiful, the selection of ceramic for the design on the kitchen wall can protect the cooking area, including behind the stove.

Factors such as ease of cleaning and durability are some of the considerations in material selection. If you are planning to use ceramic tiles in the kitchen, be aware of the following types:

1. Travertine

Travertine is generally available in beige and gray, although there are other muted colors as well.

2. Porcelain

This type of ceramic has a variety of colors, but not a few are also smooth, being considered the most economical.

Porcelain is also often chosen for kitchen walls because of its heat resistance and high density.

3. Page

Glass ceramics are often presented in mosaics, but are also available in other models. Usually for kitchen ceramics extra shine will be added and with colored glass mosaics.

Because it is reflective, glass ceramics will make a brilliant impression in the kitchen. By using this glass ceramic, a small kitchen will look wider and larger.

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4. Marble

Marble walls are usually designed in neutral colors like gray and white, but there are also dark, bold colors.

In addition, marble has subtle traits that will create a dramatic impression on the walls. If you are interested in using marble as a wall material, don’t use it for your kitchen floor as well, as it can easily cause someone to slip.

5. matte

Although it looks less prominent than the glossy version, matte ceramic can provide better contrast. Another advantage of this type of ceramic is that it requires little maintenance.

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