5 tools to easily extract text from images

5 Tools To Easily Extract Text From Images

A Tool That Can Extract Text From Images

Extracting text from images has become an important process of storing data and creating content. But which tool should you use?

Writer’s have many tools today to help them create content. One of the best tools to use today is a text extractor or image to text converter. This converter runs on a platform based on AI and OCR, allowing users to retrieve information from physical or virtual media.

Although these tools have been a critical element to the success of writers, choosing the right tool to help you extract text is a challenge.

Mainly because not all OCR-based tools or software are really good at this. However, several major programs in this niche help writers on a daily basis.

So how do you choose them? In addition, what are the advantages of using such a tool? These questions require us to look deeper to find answers, so just get started.

How to choose an OCR tool

Choosing an OCR tool or images in text is a simple process. However, there are a few things to keep in mind if you plan to use this program frequently. You need to consider the number of images that allow you to convert to text.

Although some programs are very effective at this, they do not allow more than one image at a time or per day.

Mainly because their main service is based on premiums paid. So if money is an object, then you need to consider whether the program you are going to use is free or not.

Then you need to consider how many images can be scanned at one time. Most converters allow you to scan one image at a time, but some can offer more than that.

So if you convert mass images to text, make sure the converter offers quantity.

Lastly, the last thing you need to consider is the quality of the text conversion. Some programs screw this up because their artificial intelligence isn’t as powerful or their OCR technology is outdated. So before choosing a program for the future, you need to make sure of a few things.

The best tool for extracting text from an image

It might be embarrassing to go ahead and check out all of the above elements. They will require extensive research, as writers usually do not have the time. So if you want to find the perfect text extraction tool, don’t worry; We support you.

We continued and tested some proven programs in this niche. These programs are not just decent tools; they also allow the conversion of multiple images at once.

OneNote and Google Docs don’t sell just like image converters, but they do offer that option.

So, let’s start:

1. PrePostseo



Prepostseo image to text converter is one of the best conversion tools you can find today. Easy, convenient and mostly free. The quality of the program’s conversion is unmatched, as it can help you save big data in seconds.

Limiting the two at once is just right for students and professional writers working independently. Then this tool is faster than most others on this list and in this niche. Therefore, it is currently the best converter.

Conversion quality: 100%

Multiple images: 2 at once

Free to use: unlimited

Premium paid: annual / monthly

2. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft Onenote

Microsoft OneNote is a great editing tool that comes free with your edition of Windows Home Premium or Enterprise. The special feature of this program is that it provides an excellent conversion tool. You need to paste the image into the annotations window and let it read.

It only takes 5-10 seconds, then you can right-click on the image and select “copy text from image” and voila! This is it, as the text will be easily transcribed in its entirety.

Conversion quality: 100%

More pictures: Yes

Free to use: Comes with Windows

Premium paid: –

3. Easy screen

Simple Screen

Easy Screen is one of the great tools available for download. However, if you are not a fan of downloading programs, this should serve you well. All you have to do is copy 1 or 5 images you need to convert, then it will take about 10-15 seconds.

You can then copy the text one by one or all at once. This alone makes it a very handy tool for professionals and academic writers.

Conversion quality: 100%

Multiple images: 5 at once

Free use: limited

Premium paid: Yes / transferable

4. Picture to text


Picture To Text

Imagetotext allows you to convert images to text as much as possible because it is completely free. The requested image is loaded or dropped into the tool and this image will be easily converted to text. In addition, this is one of your best options for extracting text from images.

Conversion quality: 100%

More pictures: Yes

Free to use: Yes

Premium paid: no

5. Online conversion

Online Conversion

Web conversion is the latest but still one of the most effective tools on this list. Because our main criteria are text quality and conversion time, this is one of the best. This tool allows you to convert five images at once, which is more than enough for multiple authors.

Perhaps a minor drawback is that the premium of this program is slightly more expensive than the others on this list. In addition, it perfectly converts text into images.

Conversion quality: 100%

Multiple images: 5 at once

Free use: limited

Premium paid: Yes


This is a list of the best programs you can use today to convert text. While all of these services offer paid services to some extent, you can mostly use them for free, which is important for easy retrieval of text from images.

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