5 Sample delivery forms and how to fill them out [Lengkap]

5 Sample Delivery Forms And How To Fill Them Out [Lengkap]

Goods delivery form It is an important document that must be attached when sending the package. Every package delivery on all shipping services must include complete delivery details for the package to reach its destination safely.

Some shipping services already use auto-delivery forms that can be accessed through the website or app. Both freight forwarding services and express delivery services such as JNE, Pos, etc. However, there are still those who provide a sheet form that must be completed by the sender.

In order not to get confused when filling it out, see some important information about the submission form in the following article.

What is the Cargo Forwarding Form?

The goods delivery form is a document in the form of data and information about the delivery of the package to be sent to the recipient.

What information is contained in the delivery form? Some of them are the name, address and contact of the sender and recipient of the package, date, description, postage and signature.

The delivery method is different from the goods delivery letter. The form only consists of a sheet of paper with no attachments or additional documents.

Also, the delivery form is usually not provided by the courier service alone. But it can be done by individuals, institutions or agencies that handle the delivery of goods.

Then, who fills in the delivery form? It is the sender who must complete the form.

Before sending the package, the sender must include a shipping form which will be pasted on the package. In addition to being an ID, the delivery form is proof of delivery that can be verified by the recipient.

What is filled in the submission form?

general delivery form contains the following points:

  • sender’s name
  • Recipient’s name
  • return address
  • recipient address
  • sender’s phone number/contact
  • Recipient’s phone/contact
  • item description
  • date
  • shipping costs
  • Receipt Number
  • order number (optional)
  • signature

The way in which goods are delivered varies greatly. But usually the form is just a one-sheet document containing delivery data. Some shipping services have also integrated forms into various online stores and marketplaces.

This is easier because all you have to do is fill in the information and print the form before attaching it to the package.

What is the use of a freight forwarding form?

The submission form is one of the important documents when submitting packages. This document serves as an identity that can help ease the one-time delivery process as an input device during the process.

In addition, the delivery form also includes a receipt number that serves as proof of delivery. Here are some other form submission functions:

  1. Provides complete package delivery information.
  2. Such as packet identity and data entry during the delivery process.
  3. Make it easy for the post office to deliver packages to the correct address.
  4. Facilitate the process of sorting goods.
  5. Include a zip code that can make it easier for the package to get to the right area or shipping warehouse.
  6. Make it easy for the post office to contact the sender/recipient if there are certain needs.

It is so important that the sender needs to be careful when filling in the data of the submission form. Because it also affects when you want to submit a claim to the shipping service.

Each data contained in the document becomes an identity in the delivery process. So that the sender of the package must enter the data correctly.

How to fill the freight forwarding form?

Filling in the delivery form is mainly done at points of sale or delivery offices. Usually the sender fills out the form before paying the postage.

There is also a pre-printed application form. Usually if you buy products online on e-commerce or marketplaces.

Due to the large number of online forms, some senders get confused when they have to fill out documents manually. You have to read the instructions first to fill in correctly.

Well, here are the instructions for filling out the manual submission form in the correct order:

1. Isi recipient data using ALL CAPS letters completely and correctly, including:

  • Recipient’s full name
  • Recipient’s full address (street name, house number, RT and RW, kelurahan, sub-district and other supporting information).
  • Name of the regency city where the recipient is domiciled.
  • Name of the province where the recipient is domiciled.
  • Number/postal code of the recipient’s domicile area.
  • HP/contact number of recipient who can be reached.

2. Isi sender data using ALL CAPS letters completely and correctly, including:

  • Sender’s full name.
  • Full sender address (street name, house number, RT and RW, kelurahan, sub-district and other supporting information).
  • The name of the regency city where the sender is domiciled.
  • The name of the province where the sender is domiciled.
  • Sender’s home area number/postal code.
  • Phone number/contact of sender who can be contacted.

3. Isi more data completely and correctly, such as:

  • Place and date of delivery in the lower left column.
  • Write a description of the item type and its weight.
  • Put your signature and clear name (sender) in the lower left column.
  • Ask for the officer’s signature and full stamp in the lower right column.

Usually, the shipping service officer’s signature and stamp are automatically given if you have paid the shipping costs. Ah yes, when writing the package address must also match yes. You can read more information in our previous article.

“How to write the correct package address according to shipping service standards”

To be clearer, you can see an example of how to fill in the following national goods delivery form:

Sample Delivery Form

Source: thinkbae.com

Examples of Goods Delivery Forms

Most courier services today use automated delivery forms. Only a few shipping services still use manual forms, one of which is PT POS Indonesia.

If you send through a shipping service that provides a manual form, you must fill in the data completely and correctly.

It’s different if you already use a digital form, you just need to mention detailed information to the official.

However, not all transport services use sophisticated systems to collect data. For that, you need to see some examples of goods delivery forms so you don’t get confused later.

1. Sample delivery form PT POS Indonesia

Sample Delivery Form

2. Sample General Delivery Form

For Example

3. Example of JNE delivery form

Example 2


This is complete information about fgoods delivery form what can we say. Hope this article can provide knowledge for readers.

If you still have questions, please share them in the comments section below. Oh yes, for those who need shipping information on shipping services, you can use the Post Plugin feature via the following link:

So, I hope this article is helpful. See you in our other articles. Thanks

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