5 Premium But Free Features in SubWay Surfer Mod Apk

5 Premium But Free Features In Subway Surfer Mod Apk

Subway Surfers was one of the most popular games in 2012 – 2013 in both action and arcade genres. Although about 10 years have passed, this game from Denmark is apparently still in great demand, especially for the SubWay Surfer apk.

Mod is an abbreviation for modded, which means that this game’s app has been modified (by a third party) so that various premium/paid features in it can be used freely without the need to pay. Very interesting, right?

What are the free features of SubWay Surfer Mod Apk?

Gift box

Subway Surfers offers many gift boxes that make players curious about what is inside, but these boxes are hidden and when they are found they still need to use a code/key to be able to open them.

The keys to these crates are also very well hidden so players have a lot of work to do and take a while to find them. Want something more practical? Mak, just install the mod version of SubWay Surfer whose download link will be provided at the end of this article.

Abundant Coins

Not unlike a number of other mobile games, Subway Surfer also requires in-game currency to purchase various items that can support the character to facilitate victory.

Coins in the original version of Subway Surfer are obtained if the player manages to win a game session or if you want to be faster you can buy coins with real money. But in Subway Surfer mod, these two things are not necessary because there are already a lot of coins available and they can be used without restrictions.

auto jump

Auto jump is one of the cool and free features that you can get if you install the modified version of Subway Surfer. This feature is very suitable for use when players are too lazy to manually move the character to avoid obstacles that lie ahead.

When this feature is enabled, players can still play games while performing other activities such as replying to messages. But according to several players who have used the auto-jump feature, the game really feels boring and not very challenging.

Various keys available for gift box

In addition to abundant and unlimited coins, a row of keys that open various gift boxes in the game is also available for free in the Subway Surfer mod. Unlike the original Subway where keys must be searched manually or must win first in certain game sessions.


Another cool feature is the surfboard or what is called a hoverboard in the game Subway Surfer. This resource can be obtained when the player manages to find a gift box that was hidden during the game session.

However, when playing with the modified Subway Surfer, the hoverboard can be purchased from the beginning of the game and can be used with no time limit or unlimited.

The main function of this skateboard is to help destroy obstacles that come your way and make the character run at incredible speed so that he can level up faster.

Where can I download SubWay Surfer Mod?

There are many downloadable resources that can be found on the internet to install Subway Surfer on your device. But make sure the download source is safe so that no errors or even digital viruses enter the device. One of the safe download sources can click here.

Enjoy more challenging and exciting games by downloading SubWay Surfer apk which includes a variety of free premium flavors ranging from thousands of coins to skateboards and stacks of gift boxes.

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