5 brands of good and quality stabilizers for home

5 Brands Of Good And Quality Stabilizers For Home

The stabilizer serves to make the electrical energy in various electronic devices more stable. This is because electrical power without the help of a stabilizer will not be stable. Thus, you need to look for a good brand of stabilizer for electronic equipment at home.

Currently, the demand for stabilizers is very high. Many people are looking for a stabilizer to save electricity. Unstable electrical currents cause an increase in electricity bills per month. For those looking for a stabilizer, here are some brands of stabilizers for home use.

Tips for choosing a good brand of stabilizer

When using the stabilizer, electronic equipment components will not be easily damaged. This is due to the difference in electrical current. Before buying a stabilizer, there are a few tips you should pay attention to.

1. Knowing the Type of Electrical Connection

Knowing-Types-Electrical Connections

You must know the type of stabilizer that will be used. Because each house has a different type of electrical connection. If you already know the type of electrical connection, you can determine the right stabilizer for your home.

2. Electricity check


The stabilizer has an input voltage that is easily damaged. If you use stabilizer does not match the input power large or small, then it will be damaged. Therefore, you should check the electrical power at home.

If the power is 180V, you can use a stabilizer with input voltage from 140V to 240V. If the power is 140V, use a stabilizer with input voltage from 130V to 240V.

3. Choosing the right type of stabilizer

Selecting The Proper Type Stabilizer

There are four types of stabilizers sold in the market, namely servo motors, relays, digital controls and ferrous line/resonant conditioners. For this kind of computer stabilizer, you can use a servo motor type. This kind of voltage range is much wider than others. However, the response time is a little slow.

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If you want a type of stabilizer with a fast response time, you can use a resonant iron. You have to spend more because the price is too expensive.

4. Pay attention to spare parts

Pay Attention To Parts

When buying a stabilizer, you can ask the seller about the availability of spare parts. If you buy a stabilizer with a good or local brand, it is certain that the spare parts are in Indonesia. If the purchased stabilizer brand looks like a foreign one, spare parts must be ordered from abroad.

5. Get Guaranteed Warranty


You should pay attention to the warranty when buying a stabilizer. Because the warranty you get can work when your gimbal has a problem. Not just the stabilizer, you should also pay attention to this when buying electronics.

5 recommended brands of good home stabilizers

For those looking to buy a stabilizer, they should first read the reviews on some of these product brands that are sold in the market. Here is the explanation:

1. Matsunaga Stavol SVC-1000N


This brand of stabilizer from Japan can stabilize electric power for up to about 10 years. So this stabilizer has an indicator if there is a change in the mains voltage. Later, the servometer moves automatically.

In addition, the Matsunaga Stavol SVC-1000N also has a soft start feature with three types of plugs, namely one plug for 110V and two plugs for 220V. In addition, there are also two spare fuses and a circuit breaker to prevent short circuits. This stabilizer has a very light weight which is only 5 kg.


  • It lasts up to about 10 years.
  • The sound is very smooth.
  • Avoid electrical short circuit.
  • It has a fairly light weight.
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  • There is no cooling system feature.

The price of Matsunaga Stavol SVC-1000N is around IDR 245,000 to IDR 300,000. You can compare these prices across various marketplace platforms.

2. Prolink PVR 1000D


The Prolink PVR 1000D has a frequency of around 50 Hz or 60 Hz. In addition, this stabilizer also has various indicators such as AVR Indicator, Fault Indication, Normal Indicator, for delay time setting.

In addition, this stabilizer is also equipped with a universal socket that supports various types of electronics. Prolink PVR can adjust mains voltage to avoid overload or overvoltage.


  • Modern design.
  • It has several indicators.
  • Equipped with universal socket.
  • Regulate mains voltage to avoid overload/overvoltage.


  • Sold at a very high price.

The price itself is around IDR 400,000 to IDR 600,000 in various online stores or marketplace platforms.

3. Minamoto SM 1000


The Minamoto SM 1000 weighs about 6 kg, this type of stabilizer has a frequency of about 50 Hz or 60 Hz. When used, the maximum temperature is only 40 degrees Celsius. However, you will receive a one-year warranty on service and replacement parts if you purchase this product.

In addition, the Minamoto SM 1000 also protects your electronics from damage caused by electricity.


  • Get one year of official warranty.
  • The response time to changes in electrical voltage is about 0.5 seconds.
  • The stability level is quite high.


  • Sold at a very high price.

The Minamoto SM 1000 is priced from IDR 650,000 to IDR 850,000 in various online stores and marketplace platforms.

4. Emmerich 5 KVA/IDVM 5-ST


Emmerich is a stabilizer brand that produces a variety of quality products with unquestionable performance. One of them is the Emmerich 5 KVA/IDVM 5-ST. This stabilizer can stabilize mains voltage with fast response time.

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In addition, the Emmerich 5 KVA has output delay, overvoltage and auto return capabilities. Some of these features are displayed through the LED indicator. The Emmerich stabilizer is also equipped with Dual McB and a digital voltmeter that will display the output.


  • The design is more modern than other stabilizers.
  • Transporting servometer technology.
  • There is an undervoltage feature.
  • It has a digital voltmeter that can display the output.


  • Sold at a very high price.

The price of the Emmerich 5 KVA/IDVM 5-ST stabilizer ranges from IDR 5,500,000 to IDR 7,700,000 on various online stores and marketplace platforms.

5. SVC Jacket 10000VA


Sako SVC 10000VA can stabilize electrical power. Thus, this stabilizer can be used for various electronic equipment, such as computers, televisions and refrigerators. Sako SVC weighs 6.5 kg with an electrical power of up to 1000 watts.

You will receive a one-year warranty on service and replacement parts if you purchase this product. So the output voltage of Sako SVC reaches 220V with an input voltage of 140V to 220V.


  • Long lasting.
  • It can be applied to various electronic equipment.
  • One-year warranty on service and replacement parts.
  • It has an output voltage and an input voltage.


  • It weighs 6.5 kg, so it’s a little difficult to move.

Sako SVC 10000VA is priced from IDR 380,000 to IDR 500,000 on various online stores and marketplace platforms.

Currently, there are many brands of good quality stabilizers. However, each product certainly has advantages and disadvantages. If you want a high-quality stabilizer, you have to be willing to spend more.

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