48,000 aid granted to family members of young people who died of illness in Sapotra – Zee News

48,000 Aid Granted To Family Members Of Young People Who Died Of Illness In Sapotra – Zee News

Sapotra: In order to provide financial support to the family, following the death of a 37-year-old Redya Ki Dongri from the Sapotra subdivision headquarters of Karauli, the youth campaigned on social media and raised 48,100 rupees and delivered assistance.

Poonam Mali, Jatiram, Ramesh Mali, Mukeshchand Saini, Rajesh Mali, Bablu Saini, Madanmohan Saini etc. of the Saini society said that on April 3, Ramcharan, alias Mandu, son of Suka Mali, had died of illness.

Due to this, a livelihood crisis arose on the family front, in which young people started a social media campaign and raised 48 thousand 100 rupees for 121 Bhamashahs. Saini Samaj’s Panch-Patels provided FD of 40,000 rupees and cash amount of 8,100 rupees to the victim’s family.

The young man said that after the death of a young resident of Dongri de Redya, in view of the family’s financial condition, the young man appealed to the population to help.

After that, good support from people was seen on social media and people provided financial assistance to relatives of the deceased, gradually the money was transferred to the given account after seeing posts posted by people on social media.

During this, the young people raised a total amount of more than 48 thousand after the post posted on social networks. Along with this, Panch Patels and society youth met the deceased’s relatives and delivered financial assistance. During this period, FD of 40,000 rupees and cash assistance of 8,100 rupees were given to family members.

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Reporter – Ashish Chaturvedi

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