43 Congratulations on Married, Some are for Ex’s

43 Congratulations On Married, Some Are For Ex’s

Congratulations Married – Weddings are not only a source of happiness for couples, but also for families and guests. Even if they don’t share their home, the feelings of pleasure they feel can be felt by arriving guests. And one that must be said are the words of congratulations.

Not just words of congratulations, greetings for this wedding also contain prayers. So that there is hope behind the words of congratulations shown to the newlyweds. But don’t just say it, try giving it a different wedding greeting to make it more memorable.

If you’re confused, try finding inspiration in some of these wedding congratulations. Instead of just saying something monotonous, it’s better to make a new one that’s more impressive.

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Congratulations on getting married, there’s one for your ex

1. “Your happiness is complete, my cousin. The dream wedding has finally come true. May God always unite you in joy and sadness. Congratulations.”

2. “There is no worship more beautiful than the marriage bond. Sitting together counts as worship, feeding food too, and every marriage you have is worship. May happiness and blessings be with you always.”

3. “Through the storm of life, it is possible that your love for each other will be stronger. May your wedding day be filled with contentment and happiness. Happy new life.”

4. “Who would have thought that the sister who was usually spoiled by her sister would now build a house? Happy marriage, yes, Dik! Learn to be mature and understand your partner. I hope you and your partner can build the family of your dreams.”

5. “Marriage is a big step as proof of self-maturation to face a new phase of life. Happy marriage, always be happy.”

6. “Happy wedding favorite couple! I always knew from the start who you were meant to be, and it all proved this happy day. I wish the best for your little family, may you always be happy until Jannah, amen.”

7. “Happy marriage my neighbor! Pray that I will soon follow in your footsteps. If possible, I hope we can be neighbors again!”

8. “This friend of mine already has a partner, I still feel at home being single. Happy marriage, friend. I’ll be following you soon!”

9. “Happy marriage bro! Don’t come home too often at night now, someone is waiting at home isn’t it!”

10. “Barakallahu lakum wa baraka alaikum. Congratulations on your marriage Ukhti. Hope you can be the best angel to your husband and kids in the future, aamiin.”

33 Congratulations On The Wedding, Some Are For Ex

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11. “Cieee… it’s already in the hall! Congratulations, you managed to escape the abyss of singleness. Don’t forget to be happy. Eh, you must be happy anyway.”

12. “Congratulations on your new life. Don’t put any more towels on the bed, okay? Now someone is bothering you!”

13. “Happy wedding day! Enjoy your new life. Be faithful to your partner and may God always grant goodness to your marriage.”

14. “Love is the best gift given by God. Love is also a great reward for the one who receives it. Happy marriage, take good care of the gift.”

15. “Congratulations on becoming a holy body. May your days after that always be filled with love and affection that never fades with age. Congratulations on your wedding today.”

16. “Hi ex, congratulations on your marriage to him. May you two always be happy and have lovely children. Signed, from the past that once took care of you.”

17. “Happy marriage! It’s no longer confusing to bemoan single status, right? Always be happy and may you be blessed with children soon.”

18. “Congratulations on your new, happier life! I hope we can build a sakinah mawaddah warohmah family.”

19. “Happy marriage, my past. May your married life always be blessed by God. But if there is a desire to go back, I am always ready to receive it.”

20. “May your marriage bond be eternal until death do part and may Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala bless you with boundless peace and happiness.”

33 Congratulations On The Wedding, Some Are For Ex

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21. “No obstacle is impossible in a marriage bond when faced together. Always being by your side is a way to face all obstacles. Congratulations on building a harmonious and meaningful family together.”

22. “Marriage days may come and go, but may your love grow forever. Congratulations to the perfect couple.”

23. “Today’s marriage is the beginning of living together, living together, eating together and facing the test of living together. May your marriage make everything easier and more beautiful when lived together.”

24. “Married life is a true blessing and one of life’s greatest gifts. Congratulations and a lot of hope for the future of both of you.”

25. “There is no ideal marriage in the world, but a happy marriage is when two people can accept and complement each other and finally decide together. Enjoy your new life.”

26. “Shine on your best day. Congratulations for your wedding. Live a happy married life.”

27. “May today be the beginning of days full of laughter and peace in coexistence. Happy marriage and a new life.”

28. “What a wonderful day for our family and especially for you two. May the joy you feel today last a lifetime.”

29. “Congratulations on your wedding vows today. I hope that your union in the marriage bond will be the starting point for a happier journey of living together.”

30. “Happy marriage. Seeing the two of you making promises and moving forward into the future is so inspiring and amazing.”

33 Wedding Quotes, Some Are For Ex

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31. “Thank you for letting us share your special day. We wish you all the happiness in the world.”

32. “Happy marriage. Best wishes for a beautiful wedding party, with love and prayers for today and for the future.”

33. “Congratulations on marrying my friend. May your marriage be long and happy.”

34. “May you always remember the love shared on this special day. Be happy, my prayers for you to find the love of a lifetime.”

35. “Happy marriage. In the new life you are in, may love and happiness be with you always.”

36. “Congratulations on your new life. I hope you are always a happy family.”

37. “May the love that grows between you always blossom without seasons. Happy days await. Enjoy your wedding.”

38. “Happy new life with your love. May your love continue to grow and strengthen every day.”

39. “Marriage is actually a new page of life, happiness, togetherness, and other good things that come with it. Enjoy your new life.”

40. “Congratulations, may you be an eternal couple.”

41. “Congratulations on your marriage. Have a happy life together.”

42. “May you have all the love and happiness with your partner.”

43. “Congratulations on meeting you. This is a new chapter for the next phase of life.”

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These wedding congratulations make something special for a special bride. Of course, it’s not just the presence that is memorable, but also the cards that are given.

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