4 recommended job openings for new graduates

4 Recommended Job Openings For New Graduates

4 recommended job openings for recent graduates – With the advancement of an increasingly sophisticated era, it makes anyone feel helped by the existing facilities. The progress of the times facilitates in all daily activities. One of them can make it easier for Hinet Lovers to find job openings. Now Hinet Lovers no longer need to search for job openings by visiting the company they are applying for. As Hinet Lovers knows today, there are many websites that provide information on job openings ranging from professionals to recent college graduates. So here Hinet recommended apps for those who have just graduated from college:

1. Rua do Trabalho

JobStreet is an app that can help you get a good job. JobStreet is also one of the most popular job openings in Indonesia. There are hundreds of thousands of jobs you can apply for. You can also get a job for those who have no experience or have just graduated. On JobStreet, you can also search for jobs based on keywords. You just need to type “Fresh Graduate” in the search field.

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2. Updating job vacancies

Another app that can help you find a job is Job Vacancies Update. Job Vacancies Update is an app that always gives you information about the latest job vacancies every day. The advantages of this app are not only to help you find a job, but you can also browse the latest articles about the world of work that will be updated every four hours in this app. This app is also very user-friendly for those who are recent college graduates or have no work experience.

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3. Let’s go! To work!

Application Let’s go! To work! Provides various information for you to find work from Sabang to Marauke. This app is also suitable for recent graduates as this app provides various job information for professionals even those who have no work experience. The app provides job information from high school / vocational education level, D3, D4, S1, S2 and also up to S3.

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4. Freelancer

The Freelancer app has a difference with the previous app. Previously, other job openings were highly recommended for finding work, but unlike Freelancers, it is an app that can help you find part-time or part-time job openings. If you want to maximize this account, you must have a Freelancer account to be able to access other jobs.

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