4 magical ways to improve car engine performance on a budget under Rp 10 million

4 Magical Ways To Improve Car Engine Performance On A Budget Under Rp 10 Million

Improved engine performance is still a personalization lover’s favorite. This is part of a magical journey

Jakarta – The real possibilities and stages of change are very different, from light applications, phase 1, phase 2, phase 3 or forced induction applications like turbo or compressor. However, upgrading the display also requires considerable financial resources, due to the price of aftermarket products and tuning services.

Don’t worry, OTOMOTIFNET will provide debug options that can be budgeted in Rp. 10000000.

And, of course, there are many ways to improve engine performance. “We also offer a wide range of packages at attractive prices,” said Teddy, REV Engineering representative.

For simplicity, we’ve broken down the engine component options. With a budget of R$ 10 million, updates can be easy. However, it is efficient enough to improve the car’s daily performance.

1. Air filter4 Magical Ways To Improve Car Engine Performance On A Budget Under Rp 10 Million

Starting with the most basic, you can increase your air supply. How to replace a standard air filter with commercial parts.

However, the air filter type is divided into two, the first one can be replaced.

“This type of replacement air filter still uses the car’s built-in chamber design, but the filter design is reduced to allow air to flow more strongly into the engine, increasing performance,” said Davin Elika of Elika Automotive. Performance.

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Possibility of changing air filters such as K&N, Ferrox for Sarang Racing. The price goes from Rp. 600 to 2 million depending on the make and type of car. In addition to replacement, open air filters are also available. The energy boost is also important when using this class.

Like the K&N Typhoon series, which is capable of increasing power up to 3-6 hp. Rp scene. 4 million reais. 7.5 million for open filter and beverage types.

2. down tube4 Magical Ways To Improve Car Engine Performance On A Budget Under Rp 10 Million
The down tube is the tube that connects the engine and exhaust. In today’s cars, it’s usually a cylinder head because it’s mixed with the engine block.

One solution may be to improve lead exchange performance. The aim is to increase the flow of exhaust gases to the exhaust.

Furthermore, the catalyst forms part of this component. Locally made gutters are actually the most sought after because they are cheap and the quality is not inferior to the aftermarket version. For example, the Kansai and Super Turbo brands are now available for the latest Toyota Kijang Innova diesel engine.

Performance improvements can be achieved around 8 to 9 horsepower. The price itself starts from Rp. 2.6 to 2.8 million3. exhaust set

3. Exhaust Set4 Magical Ways To Improve Car Engine Performance On A Budget Under Rp 10 Million

The outlet pipe can also be maximized behind the downpipe. This exhaust channel starts from the center pipe to the exhaust. This is commonly called the return color. The objective is to maximize the flow of exhaust gases after passing through the downpipe.

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“But we can’t just increase the size or replace the filter tube, because every car is different and needs research first. Energy growth is also different,” said Mulyono of Indo Jaya Knalpot in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. 6-8 hp The price of this exhaust kit ranges from Rp 1.3 to 1.6 million depending on the car, displacement and transmission.

“Automatic transmission is quite labor intensive because it is different from manual. If the design is bad, it can really waste energy,” added Mulyono. Galvanized pipe is most often used as a material.

4. Digital tuning

There are also cheap chip debug apps. One of them is the remapping of Teddy’s ECU from the REV Engenharia workshop. The workshop, located in Kedoya, West Jakarta, has several ECU remapping options for both gasoline and diesel engines.

One of them is in the latest Toyota Fortuner VRZ ECU remapping pack. The power increase will reach another 40 s! From standard power of 149 hp to 195 hp.

The ECU repair process is also different from the old days which were very limited. Now you can set almost any parameter like piggyback or standalone. Dyno tests are useful for detecting performance improvements, including changes in engine behavior in real time.
Even in some cars, the card is widely available, especially for conventional engines. “The process is very short, it won’t take 15 minutes to complete,” Teddy said.

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Tune in by simply plugging your laptop into the built-in OBD socket. Then the optimized ECU program is entered. For added safety, the ECU remapping process is also accompanied by a dyno test.

Price 4.5 million rupees. If you want to test the dyno, just add 1 million Rp. For support, a Dastek Unichip Q4 alert pack is available. Rp Scene. 6.75 million plus injector attachment Rp. 1 million. Meanwhile, for a turbo car, it is necessary to add Rp. 1 million per regulator raise. The above price includes one seat.

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