4 fishing spots in Malang

4 Fishing Spots In Malang
4 Fishing Spots In Malang

Fishing Bait On The Sea Pier

Fishing is one of the hobbies that many people enjoy to this day, not only because it is interesting but also timeless. For some anglers, what is in high demand is a place or fishing spot to discover their hobby.

Fishing spots in Malang are very diverse and very diverse, from fresh water to salt water (sea), so this notice is very suitable for half of the fishermen who want to show their hobby. I was able to map out where to press for a fierce freshwater fishing spot in Malang, East Java.

  1. Karangkates Dam

4 Fishing Spots In Malang

Karangkates dam is located in Sumber Pucung sub-district, 40 kilometers south of Malang city. In this dam, tourists can enjoy the beauty of the artificial lake while boating or fishing.

Karangkates Dam or commonly called Sutami Dam is located in Karangkates village, Sumberpucung district. The water from this dam comes from the Brantas River and was built from 1975-1977 and is used as a hydroelectric power station.

  1. dam of Lahor

4 Fishing Spots In Malang

Lahor Dam is one of the most popular dams in East Java, located in Karangkates village, Sumberpucung district, Malang Regency. Tourists here can enjoy the beautiful natural landscape of the lake with the bonus of trees and dense vegetation growing around it, in addition to admiring the lake, you can also take a speedboat ride around the lake. Or if you have a fishing hobby, you can bring fishing gear from home to fish at this tourist spot. Don’t forget to also remember that in the Lahor Karangkates reservoir we can also enjoy a romantic sunrise or sunset view and it is definitely very suitable for you to enjoy when you are alone with a companion on a tour boat. Regarding food, there are a lot of food stalls near the bridge, so don’t be afraid. You can enjoy culinary offerings in the form of freshwater specialties here such as wader, gourami, catfish, tawes, tombro and so on. The cost is also quite affordable.

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  1. Sengguruh Dam

4 Fishing Spots In Malang

The Sengguruh Dam, located in Sengguruh Village, Kepanjen District, Malang Regency, is one of the dams in Malang City that is used as a tourist destination. This reservoir flows into the waters of the Brantas River and the Lesti River. The location is downstream of the confluence of the two rivers and is located at the end of the Karangkates (Sutami) dam inundation area.

This reservoir was formed as a buffer for sediment entering the Karangkates dam. Thus, this dam extends the life of the Karangkates Dam. The dam, built in 1982 and completed 7 years later, is a hydroelectric power plant with an installed capacity of 2 x 14.5 mW and annual electrical generation of 91.02 x 106 kWh.

The position towards the Sengguruh Dam is surrounded by the forest belonging to Perum Jasa Tirta I. This situation makes this tourist spot little discussed by the locals. The access road is also small, no more than 2.5 m, winding and through the woods.

Despite the lack of data on this tourist destination, the Sengguruh dam is actually a cheap tourist facility. You and your family or friends can enjoy the natural beauties at the edge of the dam while fishing or eating the culinary arts of tilapia or fried wader. Boats are also provided to navigate the river to other dams such as the Kecopokan or Karangkates dam.

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Makeshift fresh fish markets are also often held by fishermen on the banks of the Brantas River and the Lesti River. In addition to fried tilapia and wader, they often also offer betutu fish, cork fish, tilapia, fresh clams, river shrimp and lobster. The stalls offer services of frying the fish caught and served with rice, fresh vegetables, chili sauce and drinks.

  1. Selorejo Dam

4 Fishing Spots In Malang

The Selorejo Dam is one of the tourist destinations located in the sub-district of Ngantang, district of Malang. You may be a little insecure when you hear the word reservoir that is used as a tourist attraction. However, there are many reservoirs not only in the East Java area, which because of the area and the natural landscape it has, makes this place a profitable tourist spot. Many tourists, local and foreign, come to this Selorejo Reservoir. Turismo da Barragem do Selorejo is located at an altitude of 600 meters above sea level, so you will feel the fresh air around you. The natural panorama of the Selorejo Reservoir is also beautiful because it is surrounded by mountains, including Mount Kelud, Mount Anjasmoro and Mount Kawi. Staying on the outskirts of the dam, enjoying the panoramic view of the dam and the mountainous scenery wrapped in clouds, is a special pleasure for the tourist attractions of Selorejo.

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The natural panorama that you can see in this place is very interesting, because not only the reservoir you can see the beauty of nature that other reservoirs may not have. Exciting activities, such as descending the reservoir with a boat that you can rent cheaply, may be a suitable option. Not only that, you can also hold meetings, industrial outings and others. There is also an exit you can take advantage of.

The Selorejo Reservoir actually aims to accommodate the Konto River, the Brantas tributary and the Kwaygan River to prevent flooding. In addition to the above functions, Selorejo also operates in tourism, aquaculture, irrigation and hydroelectric power generation (PLTA). The reservoir was started in 1963 and its construction only ended in 1970, being immediately named by President Suharto to coincide on December 22, 1970. The Selorejo Reservoir is currently managed by Perum Jasa

shoot. one of the SOEs located in Malang. So what are you waiting for, for those who want something new, you can come to Selorejo Reservoir located in Malang with your family.

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