4 Edit diploma photos online without apps

4 Edit Diploma Photos Online Without Apps

The diploma photo is one of the important aspects that is used for various things, and various subjects, both for companies and for families, friends and also colleagues, business partners. To edit a diploma photo is not difficult because now there are many websites where you can crop photos cheaply and for free. Immediately, what are the site’s recommendations for editing passport photos.

Recommended online diploma photo cutters without apps

There are many sites for photo editing, photo editing and also a passport photo generator that you can use on the internet without the need to download the app. Here are 4 recommendations from us, for the best website tools, for AI photos and photo editing so they are the right size for diplomas.

Picsart background changer editing tools

Where To Edit Diploma Photo Online 2022
4 Edit diploma photos online without apps piscart background changer


  • The most complete editing features
  • Easy to use for beginners
  • Cutting edge editing speed

Picsart is one of the editing tools that can be used to edit photos into photos and use advanced photo AI for the editing process. Picsart has full features from photo cropping, background replacement, photo cropping, various filters and so on, and most importantly, picsart can be used online without additional apps.

Picsart can be used as a 2×3, 3×4, 4×6 passport maker and is suitable for various photographic purposes such as passport photos, diplomas and other administrative purposes. You can go directly to the Picsart website online via the link we have provided below.

Website: https://picsart.com/background-changer

Slazzer online photo editor

Where To Edit Diploma Photo Online 2022


  • Very beginner friendly
  • Fast editing speed

Slazzer is an online photo editing tool that you can use to change the background so that you can turn a regular photo into an official photo without having to use an additional photo maker app. You can use Slazzer easily, because of the easy interface, and you can access Slazzer directly from your Android phone.

Slazzer can make short edits like cropping, changing the background and can be used as a 2×3, 3×4, 4×6 photo maker suitable for various purposes like school and college campus photos. Also, you can use Slazzer for free without any apps needing to be downloaded.

Website: https://www.slazzer.com/

Clippingmagic photo cutter website

Where To Edit Diploma Photo Online 2022


  • Photo crop feature
  • cut background
  • Edit and upload photo

Clippingmagic website is an editing, photo cutter and background replacement app that is suitable for use by photographers as freelancers because it is free, easy to use interface and can be accessed on many devices such as laptops, computers, notebooks and also directly on the internet.android phone.

This app is not only easy to use but it also has full features like a photo editing app like Photoshop. However, in terms of features and advantages, it is still incomplete with other tools like Picsart. However, still, as a passport photo maker for MSMEs, SMEs and organizations it is more than enough.

Website: https://clippingmagic.com/

Zapbg Tools Simple Photo Editing

Where To Edit Diploma Photo Online 2022


  • Complete photo editing tools
  • Precise cut cut background

Zapbg is a simple photo editing tool that can be accessed directly on notebooks, computers, notebooks and iOS phones without having to download an app. In addition to being easy to access, the features offered are also quite complete, and easy to use for anyone.

Website: https://zapbg.com/

These were some of the tools and websites to convert ordinary photos into passport photos that can be used on Android, laptops, computers and iOS phones online without having to use an app. Photo editing is now very easy and doesn’t require complicated editing apps or editing skills.

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