4 apps when the phone is holding good sounds

4 Apps When The Phone Is Holding Good Sounds

Smartphones have become a basic necessity for many people. Therefore, many developers or developers create apps for the safety and convenience of users to use them.

One of the important things to note is the security of the smartphone itself. Now this technology is available fingerprint or fingerprints on various Android smartphones, but not all have them.

Played sounds alarm for mobile apps

Currently, security apps are being developed to protect cell phones from theft, taking pictures or catching people trying to access your smartphone without permission.

Here are some mobile apps that you can download for free from the Google Play Store to prevent your phone from being stolen.

Anti-theft alarm from RaLok Technologies

Hp Keeps Sound 2022


  • Thieves can’t close apps or turn down the alarm volume without knowing your password
  • The alarm will continue to sound when the phone is restarted
  • A loud alarm will sound even if the phone is in silent mode

RaLok Technologies anti-theft can prevent cell phones from being stolen. When installing this app, when someone holds it, the cell phone rings. Your device is inoperable even after restarting or stopping the app.

Using this app makes your phone ring an alarm when someone uses your device without your permission. This app can’t prevent theft yet, but you can use it to prevent your cell phone from being stolen.

Download: com.ralok.antitheftalarm

don’t touch my phone

Hp Keeps Sound 2022


  • Anti-touch motion alarm detector
  • anti-pockpocket protector
  • Notice when charger is removed

Don’t touch my phone is an anti-theft app, a security app that makes a sound when you touch your phone. This app can detect the thief by movement when someone tries to touch the smartphone.

This anti-theft app triggers cell phone alarm when held, charger is taken out of cell phone, cell phone is stolen from pocket and when friends or family access your cell phone without permission.

Download: com.smartapp.donottouch

Anti-theft alarm by MMAppsMobile

Hp Keeps Sound 2022


  • Motion sensor activated alarm
  • Charger disconnect alarm
  • PIN code or unlock pattern to stop the alarm

For those who are worried about leaving their cell phone in a public place unattended, you can try this app as a thief detection tool. This app will make the ringtone sound of the cell phone when someone tries to touch it.

The alarm will sound loudly and you will notice it right away. Only you can turn off the alarm using your personal PIN code or pattern to unlock.

By installing Anti Theft Alarm by MMAppsMobile, you will surely protect your cell phone from thieves. If someone dares to touch it, the cell phone rings, an alarm sounds.

Download: mmapps.mobile.anti.theft.alarm

phone anti-theft alarm

Hp Keeps Sound 2022


  • HP anti-touch alarm
  • anti-pockpocket alarm
  • Charger discharge warning

When installing the Phone Anti-Theft Alarm, the person holding the cell phone rings. Of course, you can increase security so that your cell phone is safe from thieves.

This phone anti-theft alarm app is also easy to use in various situations to prevent theft as it has a simple user interface.

Download: com.secureapps.antitheft

These were some apps you can try on various brands from HP Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, HTC, Oneplus, ZTE, Mito, Advan and other HP brands.

Some of these free security apps can make people who pretend to be ignorant or even steal afraid and not dare to touch your smartphone device. +

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