3 Ways to Order 2 Grabs at Once Easily and Quickly Latest 2021

3 Ways To Order 2 Grabs At Once Easily And Quickly Latest 2021

How to order 2 Grabs at once – When we talk about the world of online public transport, we will surely remember the Grab seal. Grab is currently one of the best online transportation options with amazing services.

Consumers can order GrabCar, GrabBike, GrabFood, GrabExpress and many others. If you want to use Grab services, just have the Grab application and enjoy the service.

Not just the payment process that can be done in cash or not. Grab also always offers various types of promotions that are present every month to reduce the price of the standard services available.

Using GrabFood and GrabExpress services will be cheaper due to the presence of the promotional code. The fact that almost every day users of Grab services continue to increase steadily. All this cannot be separated from the wide range of Grab services and good care.

However, there are times when consumers need more orders due to the demands of needs. There are a large number of people who use Grab messaging service more than 1 at the same time to meet all their needs.

By ordering 2 Grabs at once, it can definitely help to meet consumers’ needs faster.

The reality is that many people are confused about how to order 2 Grabs at once. In fact, ordering 2 Grabs can be done directly using your smartphone. More importantly, using more than 1 Grab service requires no additional fees.

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How to order 2 Grabs at once

How To Order 2 Grabs At Once1

With no additional fees charged to consumers, this is definitely very useful. You can order it yourself or with the help of Grab customer service.

Ordering with double Grab can be the best solution if we travel with family or friends in large numbers. So, as a solution source, Berjuang.my.id has prepared a tutorial on how to order 2 Grabs at once below.

1. How to Order 2 Grab Destinations at Once

How To Order 2 Grabs At Once2

You can directly place an order with 2 different destinations at the same time. This has been done quite a bit by users of the Grab service who require them to stop at various places before going to their destination point. When requesting 2 different waypoints it is definitely very practical as you no longer need to reorder.

  1. The first step is to open the Grab application.
  2. After that you select which service is needed (Car, Food, Motorcycle, Delivery, Credit).
  3. Then specify the pickup location.
  4. Fill in the first destination address, for example: Jalan major Supono, Carpenter, City of Banyuwangi.
  5. If you filled in the first target location, you should tap the plus (+) button next to the target column.
  6. After that, fill in your 2nd destination location, for example: Jl. General Ahmad Yani, Kec. Banyuwangi, Banyuwangi Regency.
  7. Driver search.
  8. Choose Drivers.
  9. An estimated result of your travel costs will appear.
  10. Then press confirm and select the payment method (not cash or cash).
  11. Please tap the message button if you have a message for the driver.
  12. The driver will pick you up as soon as possible and feel free to enjoy your comfortable journey.
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2. How to Order 2 Grab Vehicles at Once

How To Order 2 Grabs At Once3

For the second method that we are going to discuss it is very easy to do. There is no significant difference with the first method. When ordering 2 vehicles, it will certainly be very useful for those traveling with friends or family who have more passenger capacity.

  1. First, open your Grab app.
  2. After that, select your service.
  3. If so, enter the pick-up point.
  4. Fill in your destination address.
  5. Do a Driver Search.
  6. After that, select Drivers.
  7. The application will show an estimated cost of the trip to be made.
  8. Confirm and select the payment method to be made.
  9. After that, tap the message button if you have a message for the driver.
  10. If you get a message from the Grab driver, you can return to the application’s main menu.
  11. Reorder with the same criteria as before.
  12. In this way, you have successfully ordered 2 Grabs at once for your trip.

3. How to order 2 Grab destinations at once through CS Grab

How To Order 2 Grabs At Once4

The last way you can do this is to use Grab Customer Service to place an order for Grab’s services. This method is often used when the Grab-owned application has problems. Customers only need to be asked about the pick-up location and also the destination.

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Make the first reservation and then ask to go to a different 2nd location on a trip. CS will help you place an order as soon as possible.

These are 3 methods that can be done to order 2 Grabs at once, which is easy and quick. It’s true that ordering 2 Grab services at once can make it easier for us, especially when we travel in large numbers. Hope this information can help friends and see you in the next article.

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