3 Tips To Learn To Detect Bidomo Scams

3 Tips To Learn To Detect Bidomo Scams

3 Tips To Learn To Detect Bidomo Scams
3 Tips To Learn To Detect Bidomo Scams

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Binomo itself offers binary options trading services that include studying ups and downs of prices over a period of time.

However, do you understand what a binary options trading program is? Binary options trading is a type of binary options trading that can be considered gambling in the financial markets.

What is the reason? Since there is no basic means to ensure success, participants must rely on luck.
Binomo is well known in Indonesia for its well-known advertisements, which are very widespread in the media. Ads on TV, Twitter and Youtube are just a few examples.

Using the concept of monologue advertising and attracting advertising talents who claim to be “binomo professional marketers” undoubtedly arouses people’s curiosity and convinces them of what is stated in the advertising offer.

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Especially when you hear the advertising slogan: “Millions of people don’t even realize they can make $ 1,000 a day without leaving their homes.” ‘And you are one of them,’ says the narrator.
People are tempted, of course.

The community combined with the simple Binomo app and Binomo lists sees added value in the fact that you only need an ID card and a small registration fee to become a cheap participant.

Despite all these attractive incentives and promotions, Binomo was added to the list of 182 fraudulent investment firms disbanded by the Investment Information Working Group.

This is because CoFTRA (the Forward Trading Agency) has classified Binomo Indonesia as an illegal investment because it does not have a permit, as required by Article 31 (1) of Law No. 32 of 1997.

3 Tips To Learn To Detect Bidomo Scams

3 Tips To Learn To Detect Bidomo Scams
3 Tips To Learn To Detect Bidomo Scams

In October last year, Binomo was declared by CoFTRA to be an illegal domain website in the field of futures trading.

All trade activities of this entity are allegedly illegal in Indonesia because CoFTRA has never issued an official permit for this.

CoFTRA also considers that Binom’s operation is manipulative, as it provides a certain return (a certain rate of return) on a daily basis, while not explaining the dangers associated with the scheme used by this organization.

Take a look at the history of an investment firm

Before you register as an investment participant, you need to research the history of the company and the type of investment you want to make.

This is done so that you are not misled by the fictitious laws used by business people, as happened to the Binomo people.

Checking the legality of business like Binomo and others

Also, make sure that the investment company you are targeting is legally registered with OJK. As there are articles about illicit investment companies that are considered disruptive to the public, you can access them on the official OJK website.

Find out how to invest

Learn the procedures of investment transactions in the company. This is so that you can determine if the company’s futures transactions are against the law.

Because, as the Binomo ad shows, it only offers a cursory summary of the transaction process that is considered manipulative.

As a result, he simply shows live events to interest people and convinces them to believe.


This is a review of 3 tips on how to learn to detect Bidomo scam, hopefully it will be useful for all of you.

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