3 Health Benefits of Jawer Kotok Leaves

3 Health Benefits Of Jawer Kotok Leaves

Document.canovel.org Hello friends, back to me, an administrator who always provides interesting and up-to-date information. On this occasion, the caregiver will discuss the 3 health benefits of Kotok Jawer leaves.

Jawer Kotok leaves are ornamental plants that grow shrubs and have many varieties. One variety that is very well known as an ornamental plant is Miana. The beauty of this plant is in the unique shape of the leaves, and some varieties have a wonderful color combination.

Because it can grow quickly, some consider this corner jawer leaf to be worthless. In fact, this plant also has health benefits.

3 Health Benefits of Jawer Kotok Leaves

3 Health Benefits Of Jawer Kotok Leaves
3 Health Benefits of Jawer Kotok Leaves

It has attractive leaves because it is purple in color, the content it has is very useful for maintaining health and treating many diseases.

1. Overcome hemorrhoids

Including herbaceous plants, the leaves of the jawer kotoka have health benefits for people who have hemorrhoids.

This is based on research, one of which is from Journal of Pro Life which shows that the leaves can cure hemorrhoids depending on their content.

The Jawer Kotoka leaf itself contains essential oils, tannins, flavonoids, eugenol, steroids, saponins, phytol, rosmanatic acid, streptozocin and quercetin.

2. Weight loss

The active chemicals found in this herb can promote weight loss in patients who are considered obese.

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in a study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, Forslean found that this leaf extract provides beneficial changes in body composition.

He also showed weight loss and reported less fatigue and hunger while eating.

3. Treat HIV

In Natural Product Communication research, various extracts of this plant have a good content and try to cure them with HIV.

the researchers identified four diterpenes, namely; 1-deoxyphoscholine and isophoscoline, which act against HIV (NL4-3).

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