3 Easy Ways to Reset HP Infinix Hot 9

3 Easy Ways To Reset Hp Infinix Hot 9

Infinix introduces a far superior cellphone variant in its class called Infinix Hot 9. This Infinix Hot 9 cellphone was first released in April 2020. This cellphone has 32GB of internal memory and 3GB of RAM. This cell phone has a jumbo battery size of 6000 mAh.

However, on this occasion we will not discuss the topic of HP Infinix Hot 9, but we will discuss how to solve problems that usually appear in HP Infinix Hot 9 and one of the best ways to solve problems in HP Infinix Hot 9 is to do a reset.

Some of the issues and errors that can be resolved by resetting your HP Infinix Hot 9 include suddenly the app quits by itself, can’t make calls, can’t receive calls, forgets PIN, freezes or freezes mobile and so on.

Here we will discuss not just one but three ways to reset your HP Infinix Hot 9. So you can choose one according to your needs.

3 Easy Ways To Reset Hp Infinix Hot 9

Reboot and preparation

Simply put, a reset is the way to return the phone to a state as if the phone has just left the factory. That’s why it’s called factory reset or factory reset. Subsequently, the HP that is reset will erase all its data and all settings will return to their original settings.

Before resetting, make sure the HP battery is fully charged or at least reaches 50%. This is so HP doesn’t shut down during reboot. Shutting down during reboot can result in serious system errors.

Also, don’t forget to backup data or backup moving data so that data is not lost later.

When ready, do one of the following reset methods:

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How to Reset HP Infinix Hot 9 Using Settings

How To Reset Hp Infinix Hot 9 Using Settings

The easiest way to do a reset is through the Settings menu. This method is very easy to do because you just need to access the settings menu. The steps you can take are as follows:

  1. Open settings.
  2. Select Additional Settings.
  3. Select Backup and Reset.
  4. Pilih Remove all content and settings/Reset phone.
  5. Wait for the reset process to complete.

How to Reset HP Infinix Hot 9 with Hard Reset

How To Reset Hp Infinix Hot 9 With Hard Reset

The second way you can do it is with a hard reset or also called hard reset or recovery mode. This method is usually done if the problem you are facing is forgetting your lock screen unlock PIN and when your phone is crashing or not responding to touch. See how:

  1. Turn off your HP Infinix Hot 9 first before taking the next step.
  2. Press the power button together with the volume down button ( – ) for a few seconds. Later, the Infinix logo will appear indicating that you have successfully entered recovery mode. In recovery mode, you can only use physical buttons in the form of volume buttons and also the power button as navigation.
  3. From the available options, select Clear data.
  4. Then confirm by selecting Ok.
  5. The reboot process will begin to run. Wait for the reset process to complete.

How to reset using Google Find My Device

How To Reset Using Google Find My Device

The next method you can use is Google Find My Device. This is one of the reset methods that are rarely used by people. Exceptionally, using Google Find My Device, we can do a reset without even touching it.

Right away, here are the steps you need to do:

  1. First, go to https://google.com/android/find from another device, either a computer or another mobile phone.
  2. After that, log in using the same Google account with the same Google account that is connected to the HP Infinix Hot 9 you want to reset.
  3. There are three options. Select Clear Data.
  4. After that, confirm by filling in your Google account password.
  5. Wait for the reset process to complete.
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3 Benefits of Resetting HP Infinix Hot 9

Those of you reading this may have a problem or error on your HP Infinix Hot 9. Indeed, resetting can help with many problems on your HP Infinix Hot 9, but more than that, the positive impact is quite big either whether you realize it or not.

Here we will not explain all these benefits but we will only discuss 3 main benefits. So what is it? Here is the review:

  1. Reset can make HP Infinix Hot 9 more secure

Android phones are susceptible to viruses and malware that can hamper HP performance and this is certainly highly avoided by HP Infinix Hot 9 users. Viruses and malware can come from installed apps and visited websites.

The cell phone can be safe after doing a reboot as afterwards not only the cell data will be deleted but also the viruses and malware that are nested. With virus and malware removal, the HP Infinix Hot 9 is more secure.

  1. Reset may relieve HP Infinix Hot 9 memory

Internal memory and RAM are the mainstays of the phone’s performance. If these two devices are overloaded with a lot of processing then a lot of problems will arise in the HP Infinix Hot 9. So make sure that this device is always in a relieved state.

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But unfortunately for some reason the internal memory and RAM are always full. This can happen because the application is continuously accumulating data. So a reset might solve this. Resetting works by erasing all data and returning the settings to their original settings. This will obviously make the HP Infinix Hot 9’s internal memory a relief.

  1. Reset may make HP Infinix Hot 9 performance faster

This is because the data that overwhelms the performance of the HP Infinix Hot 9 has been lost, so the performance of the HP Infinix Hot 9 will be optimal. The thing that is most noticeable after the reset is the speed. Speed ​​will double after reboot. That way, you can install heavy apps and games without losing performance.

Reading the above explanation, you should be sure that resetting has many benefits. But it occurred to you that resetting also has risks. To be more objective, here the risks of doing a reset will be explained. Here are the risks of doing a reset:

  1. stuck logo

Resiko Reset Hp Infinix Hot 9 - Logo Stuck

This can happen if the reset doesn’t work properly. One of the risks that can occur with the HP Infinix Hot 9 is having a stuck logo. That is, when the reset occurs, the Infinix logo will appear, but the process will not continue until the HP Infinix Hot 9 is powered on. This could be caused by a system that failed to restore.

  1. permanent data loss

Everyone who wants to do a reset knows that a reset will delete data, even though most people really intend to delete the data. But sometimes some people forget to backup all their data so that they lose data permanently.

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