[2022] Free Quota Secret Code 3: Activation Guide

[2022] Free Quota Secret Code 3: Activation Guide

Are you a loyal user of 3rd cell provider, maybe now you need complete information about secret code for free quota 3? don’t worry because Gadgetized.net will discuss it in full.

The service provider company or commonly referred to as cell phone provider 3 can indeed be considered one of the cell phone operators that has not been around for a long time in Indonesia but already has many customers.

Provider 3 also offers several products that are profitable for users, as well as many interesting promotions that are highly sought after by millennials who really need internet access.

However, for those who like freebies, 3 also has some secret codes to get free quota. Curious how to do? Let’s see the full article below.

Free quota secret code 3 and how to get and activation

1. Free Quota Secret Code 3 Midnight

1. Free Quota Secret Code 3 Midnight

As we know, the midnight quota is the midnight quota which usually has a cheaper price when compared to the normal 24-hour quota. Did you know that we can obtain the quota for free through the “Tri Bima” program. The secret code is in SMS format, namely: “BAD BIMA6 GB”.

You can access secret code 3 and get a 6GB midnight quota right away. However, this free quota can only be enjoyed for 3 days. Our advice, it’s a good idea to empty your credit and internet quota if you’re sure, follow the method below.

[2022] Free Quota Secret Code 3: Activation Guide

How to get and activate the free quota 3 midnight

How To Get And Activate The Free Quota 3 Midnight

  • The first step is to open your smartphone and enter the new SMS.
  • Please enter SMS using the form “I WANT BIMA6GB”.
  • Then send SMS to 234.
  • Please wait until you receive a reply SMS activation of the 3:00 midnight free quota package was successful.
    Complete process.
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You need to note that after the midnight free quota is activated successfully, the quota is only valid for 3 days and is active from 12 pm, and does not apply in the afternoon or evening. So, don’t forget to use these 3 days for useful stuff.

2. Free Quota Secret Code 3 2GB Internet Packs

2. Free Quota Secret Code 3 2Gb Internet Packs

If you want to get 3 free quotas, one way to do that is to join the tri Always On program. Now, following the always-on tri program, you can avail offers in the form of cheap and even free internet packages every month. It can be said that one of the most attractive offers of the tri always on the program is the PM. secret code format “BAD PM10”.

To be able to participate in the program, it means that you must use a card 3 always on the card. So if you don’t have a tri always on the card, buy it and activate it. If you are a former 3-card user, you are very lucky because you can immediately take advantage of this free quota.

How to Get and Activate 2GB Quota 3 Free Internet Packs

How To Get And Activate 2Gb Quota 3 Free Internet Packs

  • The first step, of course, is to open your smartphone.
  • Enter the new SMS on the smartphone.
  • Create an SMS and enter the format “BAD PM10”.
  • Then send SMS to number 234.
  • Wait until you get a successful activation response.
  • The process is complete and you enjoy 3 free internet quotas of 2GB.
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When you receive an SMS reply from the number 234 which contains a notification that the free internet quota registration was successful. Then the free quota can be used for 2GB and is valid for 1 month.

3. Free Quota 3 Secret Code Player Packs

3. Free Quota 3 Secret Code Player Packs

In this modern era, in addition to an array of increasingly sophisticated technologies, online gaming is one of the entertainment needs of millennials. Not only children, even adults today like to play games to simply relieve the tiredness of the hectic routine.

Well 3 as one of the most popular providers because it is known for having many interesting promotions. Currently 3 is releasing a special internet package for gamers. You can access Gamers 3 pack secret code. PM8 pack is a pack that contains 3 free quotas specifically for games. There you can enjoy a 4GB quota package for 24 hours paying only Rp. 12,000. Secret code SMS format “BAD PM8”.

How to get and activate free Quota 3 players

How To Get And Activate Free Quota 3 Players

  • The steps are almost the same as the two methods above.
  • First you open your smartphone and create a new SMS.
  • Enter SMS and enter format “BAD PM8”
  • Then send SMS to number 234.
  • Wait until you get a successful activation SMS response of 234.

When you get a reply from number 234 informing you that the free quota specifically for players is active, the free quota can be used automatically by loyal users 3.

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Various secret code options that you can use to easily get 3 free quotas. There are actually many codes that can be used by customers, but unfortunately 3 does not disclose the information, only some customers can access the secret code and get quota 3 for free. Don’t forget to read our previous article which discussed how to activate Ilmupedia quota for studying at home.

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